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Are you nearing the end of your study and your thesis is coming up, but you don’t know where to start? You don’t know what a good thesis consists off, and you want somebody to proofread your work? You can find all this information and services on UniProf, who are eager to help you graduate!

Is help with writing my thesis legal in Ireland?

Writing a thesis is difficult and can bring a lot of obstacles with them. Luckily for you, thesis help is legal in Ireland. Meaning that you can hire an editor to help you write the thesis and a proofreader to proofread your thesis for any formatting, spelling, punctuation and other surface level errors.

Help for thesis writing from professional and experienced proofreaders and editors

A lot of proofreaders and editors have years of experience in teaching in universities, and thus grading thesis. This makes them the ideal person to help you get started with your thesis. They know what you should and should not do and can give you tips regarding how you should write and structure the information you gather from your research. UniProf offers help with writing your thesis on Bachelor, Master and PhD level.

Thesis help from UniProf with proofreading your thesis

There is a distinct difference between proofreaders. For example, proofreading is often done quicker and doesn’t need a lot of assistance and collaboration between the writer and proofreader, since it only tackles surface levels. A few things a proofreader can help you with the following errors:

  • Typographical
  • Grammatical
  • Spelling
  • Punctuation
  • Syntax
  • Formatting
  • And other surface level errors

Thesis help from UniProf with editing your thesis

When a writer hires an editor, he or she often needs assistance in writing down the information they have gathered. Editing a thesis requires a lot of collaboration and a continuation of communication between the writer and editor. A few things an editor can help with are:

  • Enhancing language quality by making changes for readability, clarity and smooth narration
  • Reducing words if necessary
  • Offer inspiration for headlines and titles
  • Give constructive feedback on how the information is written
  • They know different writing styles and can help you figure out which one works best for you and your thesis
  • Give comments on other core issues during the writing process
  • And more

There are three types of thesis statements and UniProf can help you structure them

Writing a thesis statement is the basis of your whole thesis. It describes your central idea for your research, which originates from the selected topic. A good thesis statement will prevent you from losing your focus while writing, which makes your paper often unintelligible and hard to read, no matter how much time you spend writing and researching relevant topics.

Here are the three thesis statements categories UniProf can help you with:

Analytical thesis statement

You start forming your statements by defining a topic. Then, you distinguish the different aspects, and finally you end with an evaluation of the chosen topic. An analytical thesis statement first presents the subject and then provides a way to resolve it. Analytical thesis statements are mostly used in writing science and mathematics thesissen, where there is an analysis of data.

Explanatory thesis statement

Here the thesis statement requires a detailed explanation of the topic, so the reader can understand what the paper is about. Your statement should include a description of meaningful or most significant ideas of your chosen topic on which you are supposed to base your arguments on. An explanatory thesis statement informs the readers what the topic is, the major concepts that will be presented, and finally, how it will be discussed.

Argumentative thesis statement

An argumentative thesis is mainly focused on presenting a strong argument by expressing a point of view on certain subjects and taking a stand thereafter. The body of your paper should aim at supporting your claims. Unlike in explanatory thesis statements where the information is based on factual information, argumentative essays allow the writer to make a claim and then persuade the audience of its opinion.

The benefits of thesis help with UniProf

In addition to the help with thesis writing and formulating a good thesis statement, UniProf has several other benefits:

  • Quick and easy access to experienced proofreaders and editors
  • Get a professional private proofreader and or editor assigned within days
  • Flexible timetable; follow classes in the morning, afternoon, evening and during the weekends
  • Online and offline thesis help; it doesn’t matter if you want to follow your classes from the comfort of your own home or at a library in your neighbourhood, UniProf offers it all

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