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Are you struggling with JavaScript or looking for more information about this program? JavaScript is a text-based program used for making pages interactive. It gives you the ability to give your website elements to engage with the user. This can be quite difficult. As an adult or company, it might be even harder to find a trusted teacher. Luckily, we got specialized teachers in JavaScript at UniProf.

Studying JavaScript should be on your terms

At UniProf we believe that getting into a difficult subject such as JavaScript should be as easy as possible. When the circumstances are right, you will be as motivated as possible. Getting a teacher assigned will only take a couple of days! At UniProf we offer:

  • Certified teachers. We stand by that education should be of quality. This way, you learn it the most efficient way.
  • Individual and group courses. It doesn’t matter with who you want to study with, we offer both!
  • Company courses. Gather your team and get started on JavaScript today.
  • The choice between online and offline. You study, you decide.

What do you want to learn during our course?

There are various subjects to study in JavaScript. When we consult your new teacher, we will tell them your study desires. This way you only study what you need to know. The following subjects are some examples of what you could study.

JavaScript fundamentals

  • Functions
  • Objects
  • and more..

JavaScript patterns

  • All 23 GoF patterns
  • Create different creational patterns
  • and more..

Error handling in JavaScript

  • Catch runtime errors
  • Fix the errors
  • and more..

Also, think of AJAX and Fetch API, JSON and Object Literals, Asynchronous JS..

Expand your knowledge of Javascript today

Hopefully, you are convinced that studying JavaScript through UniProf isn’t hard! In three simple steps, you make your first move towards studying this subject.

  • Create an account (for free)!
  • Tell us your wishes about the course.
  • Start studying JavaScript however you like.

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University of Limerick, Ireland

LLM (Master of Laws)

Sep 2021 - present

Intensive taught and research training. Exposure to International Criminal Law, Comparative Protection of Human Rights Law, Regulatory Law, Criminology, Penology and Victimology, Advanced Legal Research, Dissertation Methodology. Outstanding ability to conduct research using various database sources, literature review writing, managing thesis structure, and legal arguments constructions. Current Grade: First Class, QCA 3.87/4.0.




Jul 2018 - Jul 2020



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Medical university


Mar 2014 - present

Do research about infertility, diabetes,CNS......


Ministry of education ,Zimbabwe


Jan 1995 - present

Educator Physical sciences,integrated science and Biology up A level.


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