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Are you a student of biomedical science? Do you need help with exams, assignments, or homework? Are you looking for a tutor who would practice skills with you? UniProf offers professional learning material and teachers who can help you!

What should you know about biomedical courses?

With UniProf biomedical science courses, you will have a main focus on themes and courses such as human biology, molecular & cell biology pathology, biochemistry, immunology, genetics, pharmacology, microbiology, applied or clinical chemistry, and others… These courses are the main streams for this field and it is important to know about them. Our teachers are prepared to advise you and teach you new things or themes. Here you can see what are the biomedical science degrees that you could take in Universities:

  • Anatomy
  • Developmental & Human Biology BSc
  • Biochemistry BSc
  • Biomedical Science BSc
  • Medical Physiology BSc
  • Molecular Genetics BSc
  • Pharmacology BSc

As a biomedical scientist you will have a number of responsibilities:

After finishing your courses and gaining knowledge from UniProf you will be ready to work and expand yourself. Here you can see what will be your tasks as a biomedical scientist and what responsibilities are you going to have:

  • You will test diseases like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, or cancer
  • You will screen for infectious diseases such as rubella, hepatitis, or others…
  • You will investigate and understand the disease mechanisms, progression, and profile
  • You will try to find a new and effective way to detect diseases
  • You will work towards the discovery and development of treatments

UniProf offers you to learn biomedical science online or in-person with your tutor

Would you like to learn remotely? Are you looking for classes where could you have choices of attendance? UniProf tries to make all courses suitable for everyone. Our team tries to create benefits, that could make students' life easier and more flexible. Here you can see our advantages:

Professional teachers 

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Online courses

you will have an opportunity to choose studies remotely, which means you will communicate with your teacher through Skype, Zoom, Teams, or others…

In-person courses

you can choose to have courses face-to-face with your teacher and attend classes in person

Free registration

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you can choose an hour and a day of your courses, scheduling is up to you

You can choose to have group courses and individual courses of biomedical science

UniProf offers you a chance to learn in a group or individually. Group courses mean you will learn with other people or even with your friends. If you are a company you can gather employees who could study together. You can choose to study individually which means you will be alone with your teacher and improve on your own.

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Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


University of Chester


Sep 2014 - Jul 2016

2 year postgraduate in Nutrition & Dietetics


Sogang University

Master Degree in International Relations, minor in East Asia Studies

Oct 2019 - Aug 2021

CGPA 4.1


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


CHIPS , Guntur


Jun 2012 - Jun 2014

Teached Pharmacology and anatomy and physiology



Online ESL Tutor

Jan 1999 - present

Instructions should be given on writing skills, reading comprehension, grammar, and critical thinking. Making students feel at ease while they prepare to respond to a comment or question. Use appropriate parts of speech, choose nouns or adjectives that reflect the context, and interact in the active voice.


Costs and prices: biomedical science grinds

The costs of lessons depend on the group size, location and topics.

Average price: 25.46EUR/h

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Iris P.

Tutored students in the UK and Irish curriculum of all grades. Their average grade is between a H1 to H3 in Irish system and grade 8/A's in UK system.


Industry professional and masters graduate offers biomed grinds

Greg C.

Having studied biology my whole life and now working in the biopharma industry as a leader, I understand the challenges biology can present to people. Working with me will allow you to isolate the key information needed for exams and also allow me to expand on areas for deeper understanding where wanted/required.


25 eur/hour

Maryam A.

I am pursuing my PhD in Biomedical Sciences (Cancer Biology/Nanotechnology to be exact) from NUI Galway. I have 6 years of teaching and theses writing experience gained during my academic studies.

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