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  • OOPS concepts (Data Abstraction, Encapsulation, Inheritance, Polymorphism)
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  • String handling
  • Collection framework
  • Multithreading
  • Exception handling
  • Generics
  • Synchronisation
  • Serialisation & De-serialisation
  • Concurrent collection

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Software Engineer for 8 years | MSc Software Engineering student @ UL | Offering JAVA classes

Abhishek J.

Speaks: English

Hello, I am Abhishek Jacob from India. I have been working as an Android app developer for the past 8 years, primarily coding in Java. I am now a postgrad student at University of Limerick , pursuing MSc in Software Engineering. I am passionate about programming and loves teaching the same. Currently working as a Teaching Assistant at University of Limerick for Software Testing module.


Professional Java Developer with Industry experience

Shankar K.

Speaks: English, Hindi


Hello, I am a professional Java developer with 7+ years of experience in Java. I have worked with multiple organizations and on multiple projects of different domains. I have teaching experience of 2 years and I believe in mentoring my students in a ready to be project deployable way. A perfect blend of theory concepts + hands-on coding sessions which would help the student to grasp the things at pace.


Master Student - Fundamental of Computer Science and Java Programming Language

Aybatu K.

Speaks: English

My name is Aybatu KERKUKLUOGLU. I was born in Turkey in 1991. Initially, I graduated in Geological Engineering and worked on some bright projects sort as Istanbul Grand Airport and Galataport projects. I started an MSc in geotechnical studies and I was also studying at a second university health and safety. However, I was always interested in computers and programming therefore, I was working as a freelance web developer. Then I made the decision and quit my main job, left the universities, and started to collaborate with FNP Digital as a Web Dev. After a year I started to work as a backend engineer PHP Dev at FNP Digital. I am a person who is eager to learn something new. Therefore, I was also learning SWIFT and iOS Mobile Application Development while I was working at FNP Digital. I had several courses about iOS Development and completed courses successfully. Finally, I developed some applications and started to work as an iOS - Dev at FNP Digital. As I mentioned before I am eager to learn new topics. Hence, I spent my saving on my education. I studied an English course in Dublin. Then started my MSc in science in computing at CCT College. My overall grade is between 90-92. I can teach you any programming language because everything I need to know is the syntax of a language. But I decide to teach Java. Because it's a very handy language and very common. But do not worry. You can learn any language by yourself after the end of our classes. I learned everything about programming and computer science from scratch, I know how it might be frustrating. You will understand after a few classes that it will be easier for you. I will be here always to support you!


Experienced Java Engineer

Philip B.

Speaks: English

Experienced senior engineer with over 16 years in development working for numerous multinationals using various languages but primarily working with Java. Can help with general programming techniques, language specific techniques, and OO design and development.

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Universidad de Oviedo

PhD in Artificial Inteligence

Sep 2019 - present


PhD in artificial intelligence, in the field of optimization, with genetic, memetic and bio-inspired algorithms developed in C++. Several journal articles have been already published regarding this work


V P college Vaijapuf

Bachelor in computer science

Jun 2008 - Jun 2011

Completed graduation in computer science


Verified work experience

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Software Developer

Jul 2019 - Jul 2020

Developing Software for the Air/Transport Industry


Virinchi technology limited

Software engineer

Dec 2015 - Dec 2018

Part of a team responsible to develop web application using spring mvc


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8 years exp as Android dev | MSc Software engineering student | Offering JAVA classes

Abhishek J.

I have been working as an Android app developer for the past 8 years, primarily coding in Java. I am now a postgrad student at University of Limerick , pursuing MSc in Software Engineering.

I am passionate about programming and loves teaching the same. Currently working as a Teaching Assistant at University of Limerick for Software Testing module.


Advanced Level Java

Mr Royal G.

Experience in Java Standard Edition, J2EE, Spring, Java OOP, as well Java IOT and Multi Agents Systems.


Grinds / Lessons available teaching you Java and helping with University work

Mr Dean K.

My ambition is to teach you how to become an independent problem solver. The issue most students I help have is knowing what to do when they get stuck. I want to bridge the gap while at the same time showing you the best way to approach an assignment and also teaching you some important skills.

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