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Want to become a physicist like Albert Einstein, a data analyst like DJ Patil or an accountant like Luca Pacioli? Then being good at maths is key. UniProf can help you become a master of maths.

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Which university subjects can I expect in my maths class?

Mathematics is very broad and has a lot of sub-categories. Here are some examples of sub-categories our teachers teach in:


  • Structures
  • Boolean, commutative
  • Linear equation
  • Polynomial equation
  • Polynomials
  • Derived functor
  • Group theory
  • Representation theory
  • Transcendental equation
  • Functional equation
  • Pseudo-real representation
  • And more ...

Calculus and Analysis

  • Functional analysis
  • Integration and measure theory
  • Q-analogs, non-linear
  • Improper integrals
  • Complex analysis
  • Vector spaces
  • Harmonic analysis
  • Hilbert space
  • Amenability
  • Fourier analysis
  • Riemann integral
  • And more ...

Geometry and Topology 

  • Euclidean plane geometry
  • Finite geometry, differential geometry
  • Homology
  • Knot theory
  • 3-dimensional Euclidean geometry
  • Klein geometry
  • Lie sphere geometry
  • Surfaces
  • N-dimensional Euclidean geometry
  • Parabolic geometry
  • Homological algebra
  • Three-manifolds
  • And more ...

Number theory 

  • Divisibility
  • Analytics number theory
  • L-functions, sieve methods
  • Computational number theory
  • Arithmetic dynamics, fractions
  • Algebraic number theory
  • Diophantine equations, named primes
  • Pseudo-random numbers
  • Modular arithmetic
  • Quadratics forms
  • Diophantine approximation
  • Combinatorial number theory
  • Integer factorization
  • And more ...

For which study can I use a maths tutor?

Our teachers tutor math for all different kinds of degrees, such as:

  • Business students
  • Economists
  • Engineers
  • Chemical engineers
  • Statistic students
  • Mathematic students
  • Accountancy
  • And more...

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PhD degree in Maths

Dr Faiza A.

Speaks: English, Arabic

Enthusiastic Junior Lecturer with a passion for creating stimulating, interactive learning environments by using technology in the classroom. Ability to inspire, teach, technical support and motivate others. Excellent communicator and highly adept at public speaking and presenting in auditorium settings. I hold a PhD in Mathematics and have professional experience programming Languages.


Teaches STEM Education, Physics , Chemistry, Geography & Computer Engineering Courses to Undergraduate

Muhammad Y.

Speaks: English

An experienced and organized computer engineering graduate with second class upper division. Ambassador Muhammad Yunus Musa is a child rights protection activist and a diplomatic fellow of the federation of international gender and human rights, Malaria and Universal Health Coverage Youth Ambassador, Member Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), Member Amnesty International, Member International Association Of Engineers, Member World Youth Alliance , Certified International Human Rights Advocate, International Instructor on Gender Based Violence and a frontline actor of #SDGs in #Africa. Studied Computer Engineering with second class upper division of degree. He’s the cofounder of #GiveNorthEducation


Experienced and enthusiastic teacher offers mathematics tutoring

Ms Divya S.

Speaks: English

"Mathematicians love to try unsolved problems because they love challenges!!" This quote delineates Divya Sharma, a dedicated and passionate mathematician, aiming to inspire students to look beyond the pages of textbook to become problem solvers and critical thinkers. She is a dynamic and pragmatic professional with more than 6 years of teaching experience, adaptive to pedagogical approaches of teaching.


Learn Spanish right now

Mr. Rubier Gerardo P.

Speaks: Simple English

HI My name is Rubier Pioto .Teaching of Spanish, math and physics .I want to start teach online .Everybody can book my class to start a very special teaching relation on internet. I have been Professor in Faculty of Technology in Medical University of Camaguey, Cuba for more than 10 years. Feel free to contact me for arrangement on how receive classes and continue this adventure name Remote Class on the internet. I accept peoples from all over the world and for any age. Rubier


Professional tutor from Ghana who helps in Mathematics

Mr. Dennis A.

Speaks: English

I’m Antwi Dennis and I’m from Ghana from West Africa. I’m a young man who is poised in helping students to learn and get understanding on various topics and subjects they find difficulty in. I can professionally teach Mathematics, Science, English, Financial and Cost Accounting.


Nothing is obvious without proof and sometimes, even the proof isn't enough.

Mr. Sangeet S.

Speaks: English, Hindi, Bengali, Tamil

• Master's student in physics at the Bonn-Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy. Primary background particularly in theoretical and mathematical physics. • Pursuing two graduate specialisations in General Relativity and Quantum Information Science and Technology. • Tutoring in topics on theoretical physics, rigorous mathematics with an outlook on physical applications and scientific computing with python. • Research Experience: 1 year. • Teaching Experience: 2 years.


Graduate engineer gives mathematics lessons

Ruben K.

Speaks: English, French

My name is Ruben, I'm 24 years old and I'm a graduate of a French engineering school. I am currently looking for a part-time job in Ireland in order to perfect my English skills and to continue my online training at Stanford University in data science!


Economics, Maths and Statistics Tutor

Hamad M.

Speaks: English

Vastly experienced tutor in Economics, Maths and Statistics in Ireland for over 10 years. I have taught students at all major universities with great results (nearly no failures, even repeats). My tutoring style is very much focused on meeting what your goals are for the session, if you wish to just pass or do well the session is tailored in that way. I also present complicated information in a simple manner which is one of my great strengths.

Verified education

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P.G.D.A.V College, University of Delhi

BA (Honors) Mathematics

Jul 2008 - Jul 2011


Learned the concepts of Pure Mathematics having widespread applications


Iheris University

Computer Engineering

Sep 2018 - Oct 2021

Degree In Computer Engineering with second class upper division


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University

Post Doctoral Researcher

Sep 2018 - Sep 2021

• Promptly doing research • Team-working • Online working


Saint Paul College

Middle School Math teacher

Sep 2017 - Sep 2018

Instruct grades 7, 8 & 9 students, create lesson plans, assign and correct homework, manage students in the classroom, communicate with parents, help students prepare for exams and implement mathematics projects.


Costs and prices: mathematics grinds

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Average price: 28.27 EUR/h

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Prealgebra, Algebra, Precalculus, Calculus, Trigonometry, Geometry

Souvik G.

I have tutored these topics for more than one year and have completed numerous assignments on these topics.


Math tutor with a bachelor degree in Mathematics

Joelle C.

Ready to help students by explaining mathematical concepts, relating theories to real-life examples, providing problem-solving instructions and correcting assignments


Private tutor for students in preparatory classes for the grandes écoles

Ruben K.

I have a mathematics oriented school curriculum: for 3 years, I participated in a preparatory class for the grandes écoles, where I had 15 hours of mathematics per week. After these 3 years, I entered an engineering school where I continued to do mathematics at a much more advanced level.

Besides that, I gave a lot of private lessons in mathematics during my years of study to students in classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles to support myself.

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