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The institute of public administration in Ireland is a recognized college and was founded in 1957, it offers over 30 qualifications. Studying here could require certain tutoring or help with preparation courses. At UniProf we are specialized in offering this tutoring, help with admission tests or preparation courses.

Group tutoring or individual admission preparation

Do you prefer to follow tutoring or admission preparation individually or in a group? Both options are possible at UniProf! Individually has the benefit that a course is more personalized, and you have all the time to ask the questions you might have. However, when you find out that friends or classmates require the same tutoring or advice as you, it might be convenient to register as a group. This safes money, and you have the possibility to study together.

Courses offered at the institute of public administration

There are many courses you can choose from at the institute of public administration. For all of their courses, we offer tutoring or a preparation course. See here a variety of courses to choose from at IPA:

  • Business studies
  • Healthcare management
  • Information systems and technology
  • Local government
  • Public management
  • Project management and management development
  • Law and the administration of justice
  • And more…

Prepare for an admission test now

Our tutors or grinds can offer you a lot of help with your admission test of the institute of public administrations. Luckily, you can also prepare yourself! See here some possibilities in studying yourself:

  • Do time practiced test
  • Read up on all the materials
  • Boost the areas you lack knowledge
  • Read all the directions thoroughly
  • Get enough rest during studying  

Online or in-person course at UniProf

Due to technology, we have the possibility to also offer online admission test preparation or tutoring. Some students prefer in-person courses, which could be more personal. However, when you are considering an online course, which offers you more flexibility, you have to take the following into account:

  • A stable internet connection
  • A working microphone
  • A working camera
  • A working computer device
  • An online communication tool
    • Zoom, Teams, or Skype

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Institute of Public Administration

Ireland's Public Service Development Agency

  • Students: 1560
  • Founding year: 1957
  • City: Dublin

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