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Are you an automotive engineering student looking for some extra help in your degree? Our grinds and tutors are specialized in the degree of engineering. They can tell you all about the designs, development, and manufacturing of motor vehicles.

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Studying with UniProf means you will get to enjoy multiple benefits. We have designed our grinds and tutor program so you can choose how you will be taught. You can enjoy:

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At UniProf, our mission is to provide you quality lessons with great teachers. With these teachers, we promise you a quality guarantee. This means that in our process we have done everything to make sure that the lesson will be at its best. Our teachers are selected on competence in automotive engineering and previous teaching experience.

What to study in automotive engineering?

There is a lot to study in automotive engineering. We want to give you the opportunity to only study what you really need. This way, you never study information that you might not need. Talk to your teacher and learn about the following:

  • System faults diagnosing in tyres, brakes, or steering.
  • Transmission fault diagnosis
  • Routine maintenance
  • Electrical system faults
  • Engine fault diagnosis
  • And more..

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