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What will you learn with our JavaScript course?

JavaScript is a programming or scripting language which gives you the opportunity to implement complex features on your website. A few examples of topics we will handle during the course are:

  • Interactive maps
  • Animated 2D or 3D graphics
  • Timely content updates
  • And more…

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We offer you the option of studying online from the comfort of your own home. We saw that this has many advantages for teachers, but also for students. This is why we started with offering courses completely online. See here some of the many benefits of studying online:

  • Offer a high flexibility
  • Financial benefits
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  • No travel times
  • Let you learn to be self-disciplined
  • Convenient
  • Bring education to your own home
  • And more…

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We at UniProf will help you with all your questions, and we are always ready to assist you! Besides this, we offer many benefits at our online learning platform. From learning in groups to having a highly skilled and professional tutor or grind, see all the benefits here:

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  • Online class
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Front End Web Development Tutor

Arjun V.

As a front-end developer with expertise in JavaScript, I have several years of experience in developing web applications using modern technologies such as React.js. I have a deep understanding of JavaScript fundamentals and advanced concepts such as asynchronous programming, closures, and event-driven architecture.


Tutoring and mentoring in JavaScript, with a senior full stack software engineer with more than 20 of a successfull career.

Andre S.

I can help you with JavaScript, jQuery, React, NodeJS, WebPack, Jasmine and many other libraries and frameworks. I can't help you with Angular or VueJS.


Maters qualified teacher offers computing lessons

Chaturika M.

I am a dedicated and experienced teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching IT and computing subjects. I can help you in learning IT and computing subjects with simple explanations.

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