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Microeconomics is the study of individuals who make choices in response to changes in incentives, prices, and resources. It is a household's and firm's behaviour and it applies to markets of goods and services. It deals with individual economic issues and others... Are you interested in this field? Are you looking for a professional tutor? Do you need to practice, prepare for an exam, or even for your future job? UniProf has professional tutors who are here to advise you and practice with you.

See the main topics of microeconomics and improve your knowledge

Microeconomics courses will help you to gain knowledge about supply and demand, producer theory, labour economics, monopolies and oligopolies, and others. You can choose which part you want to improve in or gain new information. Be careful and don't get confused with macroeconomics, which are different topics such as inflation, unemployment, and others…Here you can see the main topics of microeconomics:

  • Supply and demand (fundamental tool of economic analysis, you will learn to draw diagrams)
  • Elasticity (it determines the change in consumer demand as a result of a change in the goods price)
  • Opportunity cost (it is the value of the best-foregone alternative)
  • Market equilibrium forms of competition (when at the market price the quantity demanded is equal to the quantity supplied)
  • Profit maximization

See the career opportunities for economic background

If you want to use microeconomics knowledge in the future, you have the opportunity to create a career in economics. Here you can see who can you become:

  • Economist
  • Property Manager
  • Business Manager
  • Public Administrator
  • Market Research Analyst

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Our platform creates benefits for all students. We want them to feel comfortable and relaxed during studies and improvements. You can choose between individual courses, group courses, online courses, and others… see our benefits below:

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