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Sports science is learning about the human body, exercises, and how the physical activity of humans affects our health. Would you like to know more? Are you interested in this field and want to gain even more knowledge? UniProf offers you professional teachers who can practice with you academic studies and sport science-related themes. Join our team now!

What should you know about sports science?

Sports science is an understanding of terms and applied exercises of sports science. It focuses on fitness and sport coaching, management of fitness and sports programs in various settings. It helps people do better and reduce injuries. It helps in the rehabilitation of patients and for kids, it can improve physical health.

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Would you like to have different kinds of courses? Would you like to learn remotely, maybe in a group? UniProf offers you a lot of advantages that can make your studies easier. Here you can read what the UniProf platform offers to students:

  • Professional teachers, who are qualified by interview, teaching materials, and resume
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What are the diploma courses for sports science?

Before you even take a diploma, first make sure you know these subjects: Exercise and Sport Physiology, Current Topics in Sport and Exercise Science, Biomechanics, Sport Psychology Research, Methodology, and Professional Practice. These subjects are important to learn and improve in and then start to choose diploma courses. Here you can see which diploma courses you can choose to have:

  • Diploma in Sports Coaching
  • Diploma in Sports Medicine
  • Diploma in Sports Science & Nutrition
  • Diploma in Sports Management

Learn sports science through Skype, Zoom, Teams, or other video communication platform

Would you like to learn remotely? Are you more comfortable learning from home, office, cafeteria? UniProf offers you courses online. Teachers are prepared to teach you through the camera and give you the same attention as in-person classes. Be prepared for your online lessons:

  • A computer with a charger
  • A camera
  • A microphone
  • A stable internet connection
  • A video communication platform

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English teacher

Jun 2021 - present

English Teacher for 13-18 years old



Technical Writer

Jul 2023 - present

Writing and editing of technical documentation


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Graduate offers help

Fionn C.

In the field of Sport Science, my experience extends to both academic studies and practical applications. I've delved into biomechanics, exercise physiology, and sports nutrition, conducting research on optimizing athletic performance. As a certified fitness trainer, I've worked with athletes to tailor training programs that align with their sport-specific needs. This combination of academic knowledge and practical application allows me to offer holistic insights into the science behind sports performance and training.


sports management

Sze Hua C.

I'm Physical Education teacher and working for 5 years in Malaysia. I'm table tennis coach、volleyball coach、AED certificate etc. I can offer you about sports exercise if you need it. We can share our country cultural and different interested food.

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