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Are you studying in Carlow? Are you currently writing your thesis? Do you find that you are in need of support and assistance? At UniProf, we offer tutors who can provide that support!

Is it legal to get help writing your thesis in Carlow?

Fortunately, it is legal to get help in Carlow. You can get help with brainstorming, structuring, analyzing and thinking, because there are no rules about that. Either way, it's hard to trace help and see it as plagiarism. As long as you write your thesis yourself, it is legal.

How can UniProf help you write your thesis in Carlow?

UniProf is a platform that offers tutors who can help you further with writing a thesis. There are a number of things we focus on:

  • A lesson lasts at least 1h, of course you specify if you want it longer.
  • Your lessons are personalized, each student indicates which personal matters he/she finds important.
  • The tutors try to understand your vision, so they can better guide you in explaining arguments.

Who are the tutors who guide you in writing a thesis?

It is important to know that the help is offered by tutors who have a lot of experience in writing theses. They are tutors who have already written theses for their studies themselves, therefore they are suitable to provide guidance.

Why choose UniProf for tutoring your thesis?

UniProf has numerous advantages, we list some of them for you already:

  • We offer secure payment
  • We offer professionals
  • We tutor students both face-to-face and online
  • Tutors will answer your questions within 48 hours
  • You can register for free

How to write a thesis in Carlow?

At UniProf we are here to support you in this, yet we try to maintain a fixed scientific structure. Namely:


Choose an interesting topic, this is of course important to keep your interest high. This will make the research and writing much easier.

Problem Statement

You describe what the problem is, why you are writing this thesis, this is how you try to pique the reader's interest.

Main question and sub questions

You describe what the main question is, what the title will be and what question you want to answer. This can also include sub-questions, to make it as specific as possible.


After you have made everything clear to yourself, you will look up literature. This will then form the basis for your research and eventually come up with an answer.


You will describe how you are going to work, whether you are going to make a questionnaire or possibly interviews. It is therefore important to keep your main question in mind.


In this piece you will describe the results you found after conducting your own research.

Discussion and conclusion

In this section you explain what your conclusion is now with your results. You also describe a discussion and what you would do differently in a follow-up study.

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