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Learning goals regarding macroeconomics

Maybe you already have a learning goal in mind that UniProf can help you reach. Here are some examples of learning goals we can help you reach:

  • Demonstrate an understanding the basic economic decisions that underlie the economic process: What and how to produce goods and services and how they are distributed.
  • Understand the concepts of scarcity, choice and opportunity cost and apply these concepts to the analysis of the workings of a market economy.
  • Identify the process of how the nation’s output of goods and services is measured through the national income and product accounts; clearly comprehend the income and expenditure approaches to measuring national output and national income.
  • Explain the process of how fiscal policy is enacted and how its functions – taxation and spending – are designed to achieve the goals of equilibrium between Aggregate Demand and Supply; develop a firm understanding of the differences between, and the specific roles of, discretionary fiscal policy and automatic stabilizers in stabilizing employment, income, growth, and prices during periods of recession and economic expansion.
  • Identify and analyze the role of the Federal Reserve System or European Central Bank (ECB) in setting monetary policy, and comprehend the objectives of the instruments used by the Federal Reserve and ECB to regulate the nation’s money supply (setting short term interest rates, conducting Open Market Operations and establishing bank reserves); develop the ability to distinguish the functions of these tools in controlling inflation, regulating the circulation of money in the economy, and promoting economic and income growth.

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FUUAST, Islamabad, Pakistan


Aug 2015 - Mar 2019

The role of physics in science education is the contribution to the understanding of world and how it works. The physics is linked to the understanding of the foundational principles that is connected to other science subjects.An important influence of teachers on students is their ability to shape a students' attitude and behavior. Teachers have an impact on students' lives that extends beyond test scores: they teach them life skills and promote positive attitudes.



Bachelor in physiotherapy

Sep 2006 - Sep 2009

I obtained my bachelor in physiotherapy.


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.



French consultant

Oct 2020 - present

French language teaching Cultural approach Translation


UCD School of Art History


Sep 2020 - present

Teaching and Grading Assistant for first year module, 'The Art of the Renaissance: Reform and Rebirth' and 'The Baroque to Romanticism: European Art, 1600-1850'. Guest lecturer for third year module: "Art Myth & Identity in Venice".


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University-level courses

Attila S.

Strong focus on economics in my MBA program (Stanford University) as well as 24 years working in finance/asset management and banking



Simsy S.

I have been a certified lecturer in economics for the leaving cert and also for charted accounting students


Tutoring in Macroeconomics

Marie F.

I offer my help in Macroeconomics either for exercises, help understanding the concepts or to practice previous exams.

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