Leaving Cert accounting: preparation courses and tutoring

Are you looking for some extra guidance in getting your Leaving Certificate? The Leaving Cert is a final examination in your school system. This preparation will take you two years, but you could make it three years if you want. It will provide you a formal record for your achievements and will be accepted by colleges and employers. Are you thinking of taking this Leaving Cert in accounting? We can help you!

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Why would you study with UniProf? Our teaching method differs from other tutoring platforms. Our advantages are made to be motivating you. We understand that studying is useful, but it can get hard without any help. This is why we offer:

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Prepare your course online and/or offline

Besides our benefits, there are multiple other choices in your advantage to design your classes. For example, the choice between studying in person or online. Both teaching methods have various benefits to them. Which one do you prefer?


  • No disturbance
  • Maintain discipline
  • Better interaction between student and teacher
  • And more..


  • Better time management
  • Broader perspectives
  • New technical skills
  • And more..

Why choose for accounting classes?

There are multiple fields to study in the Leaving Cert. Accounting provides the knowledge and skill of financial management. This knowledge is used for managing personal and company accounts. Accounting is a great subject to study in the Leaving Cert because of the high percentage of students receiving A’s.

Choose what you want to study

Are you already studying this Cert and do you want help in a certain subject? Let us know what you want to take extra classes in!

For example:

  • Budgeting in cash, flexible, and production.
  • Cash flow statements.
  • Club accounts.
  • Control accounts.
  • Costing, such as job and products.
  • Correction of errors and suspense.
  • And more..

Get your Leaving Cert accounting with UniProf!

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