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Social work courses provide students with knowledge in social work practice, human welfare, and social welfare policies. For this field, it is important to have sociology or psychology degrees, depending on what work you would like to do. Do you need to practice your skills? Are you looking for courses to improve? Do you have a company which needs to practice employees? UniProf offers you a lot of advantages and progress.

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Which type of social worker can you choose?

There are different types of social workers. After you finish your degree, you will have an opportunity to expand your field in what you like. Do you have a heart for children? Then choose Child and Family Social Worker. See from what else can you choose:

Administration and management

Social workers are leaders in private agencies that provide services to clients. A lot of social workers in this area practices administration in other organizations. It requires knowledge about social policy, delivering social services, vision for future planning, and understanding human behaviour. Social workers focus on ethics and values.

Developmental disabilities

Social workers are here to help with developmental disabilities for parents of children and understand their legal rights. Social workers in this field help parents with learning about advocates and finding special services for their children that they could live an independent life as much as possible.

Health care

Social workers help people with personal and social factors which affect health and wellness. It depends, on which service is social worker concentrated on: individuals, families, or small groups. In the health care setting, social workers focus on research, develop programs, and other departments.

Justice and Corrections

Social workers who work in this field focuses on courts, police departments, correctional facilities, and rape crisis centres…

And a lot more…

Social work courses and classes for companies and your employees

Are you a company and looking for courses to improve your employees? Do you need to practice your skills? Maybe you need to understand different types of social works? UniProf offers courses and classes to companies as well. In addition, you can choose to have courses in a group, that means you can gather your whole team and study together. If there is a need, you can have courses online and study in the office or at home. It is totally up to you. Our teachers are ready to help with all your struggles. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us!

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master graduate offers psychology tutoring

Miss Sandra K.

Speaks: English

Holds masters degree in Clinical psychology from University of Nairobi Kenya, and a BA in Psychology and Sociology from the same institution. Other training include diploma in Trauma management, Trainer of trainees for HIV and Aids Management. I can teach anything regarding mental health conditions i.e introduction to psychology, psychiatric conditions and psychological therapies like IPT, CBT, solution focused, MET and EMDR.


Clinical psychologist

Clinical Psychologist Khadija Y.

Speaks: English, Urdu, Punjabi

Hi I am Khadija Yasser. A certified clinical psychologist from Pakistan. I have completed my 18 years of education in psychology and specialized in clinical psychology. I am practicing and teaching psychology for last 8 years. It's my passion to transform lives. I believe that together we can bring better tomorrow.


CBT , DBT ,NLP ,Reiki ACT ,CCT ,REBT,EFT ,Psychotherapy, Hypnotherapy,Psychology

Shaista N.

Speaks: English

To shortly introduce myself, my name is shaista Nasir and I am clinical psychologist and internationally certified advisor and expert in mindfulness, meditation and spiritual healing. I also a certified REBT, EFT, NLP, CCT, CBT and clinical hypnotherapy specialist. I am 2 times master level attuned reiki practitioner and shamanic consultant and coach .and the list is more and more I am life time learner . I purpose to join *uniprof*,I believe it would be a great opportunity for me to further improve my expertise and grow both professionally and personally. Thank you for your consideration. Regards, *Shaista Nasir.* *Profession* consultant Psychologist *Specialization* Hypnotherapist (Weight loss expert by Hypnotherapy) REBT ,EFT ,Mindfulness And meditation expert Alternative therapist Reiki practitioner Shamanic life coach *Spiritual healer mind body and spirit*


Humanitarian shares Italian language and culture

Gianluca S.

Speaks: English, French, Spanish

I am a native speaker from Venice, with a passion for sharing the Italian language and culture. I have experience teaching grammar to foreign students, both individually and in class settings, and I can help you improve your conversation skills by discussing some of the topics I am more interested in, such as art, history and politics. I have a well-traveled person (80+ countries and counting), I love studying other languages - from French to Arabic - and I believe I know my own country pretty well. I have many experiences to share as a globe-trotting humanitarian worker.


Spanish teacher from Spain

Ariadna B.

Speaks: English, Spanish

I am a Spanish teacher from Spain. I studied education and then I studied an Expert in teach spanish as second language: teaching and learning and a Master in Applied Languages. I have been teaching Spanish both in person and online for 4 years. I love teaching Spanish as it is a way to teach my culture and my language and for other people to teach me their culture. I think teaching a language is a great task. I have my own materials and I can help you with whatever you need.


Psychology Professional offers psychology and research tutoring

Shiela Marie M.

Speaks: English

I am a Registered Psychologist and Psychometrician. Finished my Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology at Pamantasang Lungsod ng Maynila. Currently working as Assistant Dean of the college of Arts and Sciences then Psychologist Consultant in clinic in Bulacan and Pampanga. I am a research presenter as well, resource speaker, and a faculty or college professor.


Registered Psychometrician

Princess Honeybelle T.

Speaks: English

I am a license Psychometrician. I graduated Bachelor Science of Psychology from Far Eastern University last 2019, and took the Board Exam for Psychometrician the same year. I am currently on the process of pursuing further studies for my professional growth.


Social work master student offers advice and guidance with assignments and dissertations and online grinds in related subjects.

Kelly W.

Speaks: English

Hi my name is Kelly. I have recently completed my masters degree in social work at Trinity college Dublin. I have so completed a level 8 degree in social care work at the Institute of Technology Carlow. I am a CORU registered social worker and have had a range of experience with working with a diverse range of clients. I have worked for organisations such as, Ana Liffey Drug project working with people who face homelessness and people living in direct provision services in Ireland. I also worked for Peter McVery for a period of time. I have also worked for St. James hospital, Tusal the child and family agency, Severvised Access Ireland, Daffodil care services and FDYS youth work project. I am offering students grinds and support with their dissertations and assignments including support with generating ideas and structure of college work and proof reading. I can also give grinds on relevant subjects such as psychology, sociology, social work skills, communications, and other related subjects.

Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


Institute of Clinical Psychology


Jan 2012 - Dec 2016

Clinical psychology is degree that is designed to become a psychotherapist. Being a practicing therapist not only I learn to heal my clients suffering from mental health challenges but also I learned to influence and train people that brings the lasting change. This impression of my learning takes me to teaching and coaching.


Adventist University of the Philippines

MA in Psychology Major in Counseling

Jun 2020 - Dec 2021

Speaking engagement is what I have developed during my graduate schooling. And as a teacher and a current clinical instructor now, I believe that we should use our voice to give practical information to students


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


Aman Foundation

Counseling officer

Apr 2014 - Feb 2016

Online counseling provider upon the helpline number applied across the country.




Jun 2023 - present

Counseling and Psychotherapy applied to all mental health issues such as anxiety, depression etc.


Social work courses and classes

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I offer Social work classes.

Lisa Baptista D.

I have great understanding about this subject and I am highly skilled to give explaining lessons to the pupil.


Treatment plan in Social Work and other facets

Ma In Psychology, Registered Psychometrician Lucille Jean F.

As a part time social worker in our recovery clinic, I am used to create treatment plan as soon as it is needed to the clients.

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