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Are you looking for anatomy tutors? Would you like to improve your knowledge and skills? Anatomy courses at UniProf provide a basic study of the subject and function of the human body. You will be introduced to homeostasis, cells, nutrition, electrolytes, and others… If you want to get better in your field, why not begin now? UniProf offers you grinds and tutors who are professionals in your selected subject.

Who can you become after finishing your anatomy degree?

Here you can see anatomy and physiology job opportunities after you study anatomy degree. The main career is a professor or a teacher in high school, university, or college. Then is a doctor, veterinary field, pharmaceutical scientist or:

  • Medical laboratory technician
  • Massage therapist
  • Nurse
  • Medical technologist
  • Physical therapist assistant
  • Personal trainer

You can choose which topic you want to study at our anatomy courses

UniProf offers you to learn various topics in courses of anatomy. Courses usually require a combination of lab work and classwork, that is why you can choose a concept and topics on your own.

Human Anatomy and Physiology course

This course is two years of study. It is a combined course in a lab and classwork that includes a study of human bone structure, organs, and tissue. You will be focused on understanding terminology.

Developmental Anatomy course

This course is suitable for pre-med students. It is a course of human beings from embryo to full maturity. You will be focused on human anatomy changes, normal and abnormal development, and analyzing it. Classes should be taught in the classroom and laboratory as well.

Neuroanatomy course

In this course, you will focus on the central nervous system, its structure, function, and development. In neuroanatomy lessons suitable for undergraduate and graduate students. You will learn how is brain studied through computer simulations and other studies.

Histology course

In this anatomy course, you will study tissues, organs, and the human body. You will learn how to review cell structure and function in human tissue. You will use microscopes.

What advantages can you gain from studying anatomy courses with us?

UniProf tries to adapt to everyone's needs and requirements. We want you to feel relaxed and motivated in every step you make with us. We would like to offer you courses, which could be a benefit for you and your life. After your registration, we read your needs, knowledge level, and skills. Based on that we select the most suitable teacher for you, so you can learn what is necessary individually for you. See what else do we offer:

  • Customized lessons based on your skills
  • Group courses, which means you will have a class of other people, who want to learn the same as you
  • Individual courses, which means you will bet he only one learning with your teacher
  • Online courses via the video communication platform
  • Face-to-face courses in arranged place
  • Registration to our website for free

Take your online lessons with your teacher seriously

Make sure you are ready for your online classes. Even it is an easier way to attend online classes from your environment wherever you are, it is important to keep in mind, that you need to be prepared for that. The most important thing is to have a computer device, an internet connection, which could be stable, a microphone and camera for easier communication with your teacher, and a video communication platform as Zoom or Skype. Make sure you agree with your teacher about which platform are you using before your lesson starts.

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We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


Maynooth University

Two years of BA in French, Law & European Studies

Sep 2018 - Jun 2020

Completed two years of a BA (International) in Law, French & European Studies in Maynooth University Studies impacted by Covid


American immigrants

English literature

Apr 2021 - Mar 2025

I studied English and languages for 4 years at university and I learned the good methods to learn languages and the culture or interests


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PhD in Health Sciences, college tutor for 11 years

Yussuf Thiru N.

I am an associate professor of health sciences, specifically in medical genetics. I have an MSc in biomedical sciences (medical microbiology and bioinformatics) and a bachelors' degree in health sciences and biology.


student offers anatomy classes

Dannybala K.

From the very beginning, learning about the human body has been an exhilarating journey for me. The intricacies of our anatomy never cease to amaze me, and I find great joy in exploring its wonders. Ive discovered a variety of high yield resources in which carefully guided me to ace my finals as well as made the process a whole lot simpler and more enjoyable


Offers anatomy classes

Ajjugal S.

I am a post graduate in physiotherapy. MPT (Neuro), and worked as lecturer to physiotherapy students at graduate level for 3 years.

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