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Are you a statistics student in high school or university? Are you a statistic teacher who wants to practice knowledge? Are you looking for statistics courses to practice examples, counting, and numbers? UniProf offers you a professional teacher remotely and in-person who will explain to you this field and practice everything necessary. Join the UniProf team and see your progress!

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What are you going to do as a statistician?

Before choosing statistics courses with UniProf, you should discover what is statistic and what are you going to do with your knowledge. Here you can read what statistician do and what do they focus on:

  • Statisticians apply theories and methods to solve practical problems in business
  • Statisticians apply theories and methods to solve practical problems in engineering
  • Statisticians apply theories and methods to solve practical problems in science or other fields…
  • Statisticians decide everything important about data usage
  • Statisticians determine methods for finding or collecting data
  • Statisticians collect and analyze data
  • Statisticians report conclusions from their analyses

In which industries you can work after finishing statistics?

Here you can see in which industries you can find a job as a Statistician:

  • Federal government  
  • Research and development in the physical, engineering, and life sciences 
  • Insurance carriers and related activities       
  • Health care and social assistance      
  • Colleges, universities, and professional schools

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Economics, Maths and Statistics Tutor

Hamad M.

Speaks: English

Vastly experienced tutor in Economics, Maths and Statistics in Ireland for over 10 years. I have taught students at all major universities with great results (nearly no failures, even repeats). My tutoring style is very much focused on meeting what your goals are for the session, if you wish to just pass or do well the session is tailored in that way. I also present complicated information in a simple manner which is one of my great strengths.


Your problems with Maths are not mathematical.

Michael B.

Speaks: English

21 years teaching experience at second level. 4 years teaching/lecturing undergrad Mathematics/Statistics modules. Qualifications include MSc Financial Mathematics BA Mathematics & Computer Science Higher Diploma in Education. Post grad diploma in Applied Statistics.


Arabic and English Teacher

Asma A.

Speaks: Arabic, English

Arabic and English Teacher I studied English Language and Literature (BA), Pedagogy and Research Methodology (MA) and Adult Education and Development (PhD). During my MA and PhD studies, I explored pedagogy, psychology, and culture in the context of adult learning and development. I have worked as a teacher for secondary school students. For more than 12 years I worked as an educator designing, supervising, evaluating, and training programmes for teachers and students. I have participated in many pilot and large-scale educational programmes at a well-known national university and contributed to the development of ICT- based and blended learning approaches. I have also worked with subject matter experts to develop educational concepts and manuals for training and trained trainers, teachers, and facilitators, developed digital learning courses, managed training programmes and supported in-service training for new hires. In doing so, I was involved in developing strategic documents, formulating long-term visions, introducing innovative ideas, and developing training methods that are well suited for the participants. I have worked in various international organisations and companies. Throughout my career, I have developed professional needs assessment skills and a deep understanding of how specific cultural practises can influence communication and learning styles, and how important the operational context is to people's receptivity to learning and development activities. During my work as a teacher, educator, trainer and learning specialist, I have developed extensive knowledge of learning differences and strategies, strong interpersonal and communication skills and the ability to work effectively with adult learners. As a researcher, I have acquired extensive knowledge in quantitative and qualitative research. I have a passion for research and working in teams (with researchers and authors) and independently. I enjoy interacting with research participants, researchers, and data collection staff, working well together and meeting deadlines. My work as a researcher has taught me to be detail- oriented, to multitask and to maintain an organised and effective work style even under pressure. I am fluent in English (C2) and Arabic (mother tongue) and German (B2). I am willing to relocate and enjoy travelling for work and research purposes. I am a professional e-learning specialist using Articulate 360, Moodle and the 360 Learning Platform. I am confident in using WordPress and GitHub. I have a sound knowledge of Microsoft Office applications, including Word, Excel, Outlook, etc. I am also familiar with Microsoft Dynamics Customer Relationship Management (CRM). My key achievements include a reputation for high quality, professional performance, attention to detail, and pushing the business to a higher level, motivated by client obsession, accuracy, two-way communication, cultural sensitivity, expertise, and knowledge.

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Master in Psychology Major in IO

Aug 2020 - present

Still ongoing currently graduating




Jul 2007 - Sep 2009

Learned different subjects such as genetics, microbiology, cell, and molecular biology.


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


South Eastern Technological University

Senior Mentor

May 2021 - May 2023

In this role I acted as a mentor not only to first year students coming into Social Science, but I also acted as a mentor to other mentors in the year below me in my final year. This involved formal and informally helping first years while also providing workshops and presentations to lecturers and students.


Law Library

Barrister at Law

Oct 2019 - present

Legal advice, advocacy, drafting legal documents, representation in court, legal research, article writing


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Any queries

Anastasiia U.

Worked as a researcher for two years, apart from successfully completing both qualitative and quantitative analysis and theory of combinatorics and statistics courses at uni.


Private tutor for students in preparatory classes for the grandes écoles

Ruben K.

I have a mathematics oriented school curriculum: for 3 years, I participated in a preparatory class for the grandes écoles, where I had 15 hours of mathematics per week. After these 3 years, I entered an engineering school where I continued to do mathematics at a much more advanced level. In statistics in particular, I passed the exam with one of the best mark in the class (more than 500 people took this exam).

Besides that, I gave a lot of private lessons in mathematics during my years of study to students in classes préparatoires aux grandes écoles to support myself.


Theory and Practical knowledge of Statistics

Dr Rakesh K.

Demonstrated knowledge in current trends in education. Self- directed, enthusiastic educator with a
passionate commitment to student development and the learning experience.
• Possess interests in Data Analytics using MS-Excel, Data Analysis using SPSS, Case Based Teaching
Experiential Learning Approach using Live Projects

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