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What do you learn in our PHP course?

A PHP is a sever side scripting language, which can be used when developing apps, dynamic websites, or static websites. Some topics thought will be:

Scripting language

A scripting language is a set of programming instructions which can be seen as runtime. This scripting language, seen as a script is normally  used for performing routine tasks for for example an APP

PHP Syntax

A PHP file could contain a tag, such as JavaScript or HTML. HTML could be seen as an added advantage when you learn PHP at UniProf, therefore our tutors will help you lean and understand it.

Scripting vs Programming language

A programming language includes all features you require when you develop a complete APP, while a scripting language is therefore routine tasks. When you use a programming language the code will have to be compiled before execution. However, with a scripting language the code is normally executed without compiling.

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