Preparation course and tutoring for the institute of technology in Carlow

Do you wish to study or are you currently following a degree at the institute of technology? We have professional and certified tutors and grinds who offer assistance and tutoring during the process of admission to or during your degree at the institute of technology.  

All the courses for admission preparation

A big variety of courses is offered at the institute of technology. See here some courses we offer admission preparation and tutoring for:

  • Bachelor of business in business management
  • Bachelor of business in supply chain management
  • Bachelor of engineering in aircraft systems
  • Bachelor of business in accounting
  • Bachelor of arts in design
  • Bachelor of science in bioscience
  • Bachelor of science in software development
  • Bachelor of arts in professional social care practice
  • And many more…

Prepare yourself for admission or university preparation

Besides our course to help and tutor you during your admission process at the institute of technology in Carlow, you can prepare yourself as well! We have some useful tips to prepare yourself:

  • Confirm which test the course you take requires
  • Make a confirmation of the deadlines and key dates
  • Read upon the test specifications
  • Practice under timed exam conditions, if required

Individual or group tutoring or admission preparation

It could be a personal decision whether you prefer to follow an individual or group course. There are advantages and disadvantages to both cases. Luckily, we offer both options to determine you have the best learning experience at UniProf. When you realize your colleagues, friends or classmates also wish to follow the same course, you can easily register together and follow our admission preparation course together.

Face-to-face or online preparation course

We offer tutors and grinds who can help you with tutoring or the preparation of your admission test. The choice is up to you if you want to follow this online or rather face-to-face. Our vision is that learning is faster when you do this on your own pace and in the circumstances you require. Here are some of the benefits when following a course online or face-to-face.

Online course

  • High flexibility
  • Follow from the comfort of your own home
  • No travel expenses
  • Online learning materials

Face-to-face course

  • No technical issues
  • Learn on your pace
  • More attention
  • Better guidance

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Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


Humanitas University


Sep 2019 - present

I have always given private tutoring to people at my university with excellent results!


Hellenic Open University

MSc. in Mathematics

Oct 2021 - present

The primary objective of the MMA is to provide specialization for holders of bachelor’s degrees in mathematics as well as holders of HEI degrees in similar fields who wish to continue their studies in Mathematics and deepen their knowledge of theoretical and applied mathematics in addition to issues of mathematical education. Specializations “Master in Mathematics, Specialization in Mathematics Education”


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


Yeats College

French Language Tutor

Oct 2021 - Mar 2022

I mostly tutored one-on-one classes with students to prepare them for the Leaving Certificate oral exam. I also tutored groups of 10 students to prepare them for their Leaving Certificate oral exam.


Private Math Instruction

Math Teacher

Jul 2016 - present

• Designed and implemented lesson plans that incorporated Algebra, Geometry, and I.B. • Successfully developed students’ capabilities on how to effectively reason and enabled them to think mathematically. • Instigated engagement of students in how to best identify patterns and use problem-solving techniques and think strategically. • Maintained connections between mathematical ideas and related applications. • Incorporated multiple teaching techniques to meet student objectives effectively.


Institute of Technology Carlow

  • Students: 8300
  • Founding year: 1970
  • City: Carlow

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