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  • No need for fancy expensive equipment; you will only need a device that supports a webcam, microphone and stable internet
  • Teachers are able to supply you with learning materials online; this way they are always accessible, and you won’t lose this one important note in your backpack
  • Online classes teach you self-discipline
  • Online classes give you the chance to connect to teachers from all over the globe

Online help with exam preparation

UniProf tutors can help you prepare for your big final exam. Our teachers are tested on professionalism, credibility, reliability, work experience, and other company standards. Meaning that they are the best of the best and thus the perfect person to help you prepare for your final exam. Their online tutoring classes completely focus on you and your goals. They can share test exams with you, discuss your pain points and how to fix them, and they can give you great tips, all from the comfort of your own home. So, when you do leave your house for your exam, you are going to walk into that exam with confidence.

For which degrees does UniProf offer online maths classes?

Maths is used for a lot of different degrees. Here are a few examples:

  • Actuarial Science
  • Aeronautical Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Economics
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering
  • Engineering (General)
  • Mathematics
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Physics
  • Statistics
  • Accountancy
  • Chemistry
  • Computer Science
  • Management Studies

Which subjects do UniProf teachers teach to students?

Maths is a very broad subject, that is the reason why we sub categorized it. Here are a few examples of maths subjects our tutors give.

  • Linear Algebra (mathematical operations with matrices, matrix inverses and determinants, solving systems of equations with matrices, orthogonal matrices, positive definite matrices, linear transformations, projections, singular value decomposition, and more…) 
  • Discrete Mathematics (theoretical computer science, information, set, graph and number theory, logic, combinatorics, and more…) 
  • Mathematical Analysis (analytic number theory, analytic combinatorics, differential entropy in information theory, differential games, and more…) 
  • Multivariable Calculus (closed and exact differential forms, curvilinear coordinates, Euler's theorem on homogeneous functions, symmetry of second derivatives, vector operator and potential, and more…) 
  • And more …

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Math is fun

Natercia M.

Speaks: English

Qualified math teacher with international experience from Europe and Middle East. Available for tutoring online on the weekends and evenings. Experience with the American and British curriculum. Experience preparing students for SAT exams. I can deliver math lessons in English or Portuguese. Math can be fun.


Theoretical Physics student offering Leaving Cert. Maths grinds

Mark K.

Speaks: English

Hi, I'm Mark. I give Leaving Cert. maths grinds at higher and ordinary level. I have a degree in Theoretical Physics from Trinity College Dublin and a Master's degree in Neuroscience from Trinity. I received 7As (higher level) in the Leaving Cert., including As in higher level maths, physics and applied maths. I have been giving grinds to students for the past four years with great success. In my lessons, I first discuss with the student what their strengths and weaknesses are. I ensure that the student properly understands the concepts and principles underlying the maths they learn, tailoring teaching to the student's way of learning. As the student develops confidence and ownership in their learning, we apply what is learnt to progressively challenging problems and exam papers to strengthen this understanding in preparation for exams. Weekly homework is an option if the student prefers. Exam strategy is also discussed if needed. I can provide notes on topics as we go. I am passionate about teaching and it's always very rewarding to see a student's improvement.


"Tell me and I Forget. Teach me and I remember. Involve me and I learn "

Yagashni T.

Speaks: English

My name is Yagashni Thaver. I am twenty-23 years old. I am South African. I have completed a Bachelor of Education in the Intermediate Phase. The tertiary institution I have attended was Stadio School of Education (formally known as Embury College). In the process of obtaining my degree, I had completed four years of teaching practice amongst four different schools in my surrounding community. During these teaching practice experiences I has been exposed to the various styles of teaching and approaches that have been used to facilitate for the individual needs of learners. The teaching approach I firmly believe, practice and implement in my teaching (also lesson planning) involves learner-centred activities, tasks and discussions. I aspire to adequately include various styles of teaching in relation to focusing learners attention to practical learning styles as learning comes from practice and implementation of information. I facilitate all lessons with a lesson plan that includes the following three phases: introduction, development and conclusion. In each of these phases, learners are guided into the area of learning in relation to achieving the lessons objectives (learners achieving knowledge, skills and values).


Structural and water resource development Engineer - experience in structural design and water resource development

Roshan D.

Speaks: English, Sinhala

I have been involved in Structural designs (EC2, EC8, BS8110 BS8007 BS5110), project planning, developing of hydrological models and Hydraulic models, Dam and hydraulic structures designs, Reservoir Simulation, Hydropower Simulation, Water Balance studies, Construction planning, Preparing of feasibility reports and design reports, developing of feasibility drawings and detail drawings. Also capable of developing 1D and 2D river and reservoir model using software such as HEC-RAS, Structural analysis using software such as ANSYS, SAP2000 and ETABS. Designing of dam and related structures using CADAM and other related software.


Researcher and Lecturer Physics, offering Mathematics & Physics tutoring

Shaista M.

Speaks: English, Urdu

I am a Certified Speaking Examiner, Lecturer of Physics & High-School Vice Principal. I have 8 years of teaching experience, which includes Physics, Mathematics & Science subjects. Furthermore, I am also a High School research supervisor, and my students compete internationally in the USA, Turkey, Japan & Switzerland-based science Olympiads.


Experienced mathematics teacher provides mathematics tutoring

Aadil P.

Speaks: English, Hindi, Urdu

Hi I have performed from NIT Srinagar and I have more than FOUR years of teaching experience in Mathematics . I am a conscientious person who works hard and pays attention in detail. I am flexible, quick to pick up new skills and eager to learn from others. I also have a vast conceptual knowledge and vision of mathematics.


"GOD is a mathematicianan of a very high order. GOD used advanced Mathematics in constructing the universe."

Balal A.

Speaks: English

HY Every One,My name is Balal Aalam .I have done my Mphil in Applied Mathematics from University of Engineering and Technology Lahore Punjab,Pakistan. I am working as a lecturer in Aspire Group of college Shakargarh District narowal Pakistan. I am also done my duties as a lecturer in Paradise college shakargarh in for 1 year in 2017. I will try my best effort to improve the skills and technique of students in the field of mathematics. I can teach Basic mathematics,Calculus, Mathematical Methods,Vector and tensor analysis,Differential equation s.,Integral equation,Complex analysis,Linear algebra,Group theory,Numerical analysis,Topology and functional analysis . My research expertise in Numerical analysis to find approximate solution of partial differential equation. REGARDS: BALAL AALAM


I teach Mathematics and statistics for engineering and other ug students for last 10+ years

Krishna K S.

Speaks: English, Simple English, Hindi

I have done masters in Mathematics and Statistics and persuing P.hd. in Statistics from Integral university Lucknow India. My topics of interest are Calculas , statistics , operations research ,differential equations etc.. My research is focused on topics like transportation problrm, assigment problem , sequencing problem.. I would try my best to guide my dear students

Verified education

We verify all education and teaching certificates of our teachers.


University Of South Florida Muma College Of Business .

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in The Work Place

Jan 2021 - May 2021

Course on diversity, equity and inclusion in the work place .


University of Zimbabwe

BSc degree in Mathematics and Statistics

Aug 2003 - Jul 2007

Mathematics and Statistics. The programme impacted me greatly as a teacher and inspired to become an educator.


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


Azad University (IAU)

Teaching Assistant

Sep 2015 - Jan 2018

Subjects of Teaching: • Algebra 1 • Graph Theory • General Mathematics • Linear Algebra Achievements: • Doing research • Marking



teacher resercher

Feb 2018 - present

in charge of lecture, tutorial and practical work


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Upto Grade 7

Ms Chitra Devi S.

• Creating a stimulating learning environment for students to study in.
• Possessing excellent subject knowledge and a real enthusiasm for math’s.
• Aware of and using new media like the internet to promote interactive learning. Up to date and aware of the latest teaching methods and techniques.
• Having strong classroom management skills. Able to be firm and disciplined with students to maintain high standards of discipline and behaviour.
• Able to teach across Key Stages 3 and 4 and 5. Willing and able to provide teaching cover as and when needed. Fully aware of current Health and Safety legislation and procedures. Able and willing to Teach additional subjects.


Mathematics, Statistics, Graph Theory, Algebra, Data Analysis, Differential Equations, Linear Algebra, Mathematics for engineers

Lecturer Nazila J.

I hold my Ph.D., M.Sc., and B.Sc. in the Mathematics field. I am flexible to teach every module in the mathematics field.



Daniel T.

Bachelor's in mathematics from Trinity College Dublin. Experience with algebra, calculus, number theory, statistics, programming.

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