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Physics is everywhere. It aims to understand how the universe works, so it is everywhere in our daily life. From the buzzing sound of your alarm in the morning on; physics is omnipresent. Because of the variety in this subject, there is always a lot to learn. Gather yourself or your team and start studying physics with UniProf. 

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Studying is fun if it is done right. At UniProf we would like to offer you choices to make the course as fitting as possible. To prevent you from getting unmotivated or bored, we offer classes that are designed for students, not teachers.

  • Decide your own subjects. Especially in physics, it is important to study what you need and like. This way you won’t have unnecessary information in your course. This could cause feeling unmotivated.
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We understand that as a company or adult that you don’t always have the time to get into something new. That is why our teachers are also available on the weekends or evenings. This way, you study and stay motivated.

Job opportunities in this field

Learning about physics is good for multiple reasons. As it is good for your personal experience, it is also great for job offers or upgrading your current career. Below, we have stated some jobs that you could think of when working in physics.

  • Astronomer
  • Clinical scientist
  • Lecturer
  • Nanotechnologist
  • Research scientist
  • Teacher
  • Sound engineer
  • And more...

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experienced physicist... here to help!

Tag S.

Speaks: English, Arabic

physicist, theorist, IT geek Master in physics. Experienced teacher. ready to help you savour the beauty of physics, while becoming good at it. ===================================== -Speaks English fluently. can help you get better using it as a second language -Speaks Arabic fluently. can help you learn it. I might as well :)


Astronomy PhD offers Physics classes!

Alan C.

Speaks: English, Portuguese, Brazil, Spanish


I offer online classes of Physics,Astronomy and related topics for secondary and university STEM students. I have a bachelor in Physics from the Federal University of Pernambuco, Brazil and a Master and PhD in Dynamical Astronomy from the University of Sao Paulo, Brazil. I have experience of teaching Physics and Astronomy for University and Secondary School, Technical and Vocational courses for students from several cultural and ethnic backgrounds. My classes include applications for daily-life events, historical context of the themes, and I usually present challenging and interesting problems which contribute in the comprehension of the physics phenomena. I use several technologic tools which can include videos and simulations.

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Convitto Nazionale Vittorio Emanuele II Roma

scientific high school

Sep 2013 - Jul 2018

Over the span of five years in the scientific high school, my educational journey has been marked by a deep exploration of various disciplines. Mathematics has been a cornerstone, refining my skills in advanced algebra, calculus, and geometry, nurturing a problem-solving mindset that extends beyond the classroom. Physics has illuminated the fundamental laws governing our universe, from classical mechanics to the intricacies of quantum physics. Chemistry deepened my understanding of molecular structures and chemical reactions, while biology delved into life sciences, encompassing genetics, ecology, and anatomy. The study of computer science introduced me to programming languages, algorithms, and the application of technology in real-world problem-solving. Beyond subject-specific knowledge, the high school experience has cultivated critical thinking, research proficiency, and analytical skills. Collaborative projects and presentations have sharpened my ability to communicate and work effectively in a team. The challenging curriculum has instilled a resilient work ethic, fostering adaptability when faced with complex problems. In essence, my five years in the scientific high school have not only provided a robust academic foundation but also a set of invaluable skills that will undoubtedly shape my future academic and professional endeavors.


Drogheda Institute of Further Education

Level 5 Certificate

Sep 2017 - Oct 2018

I learned laboratory techniques and applied science and the basics of biology, chemistry and physics for university level.


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Assistant Manager

Dec 2019 - present

Working at National Space agency with structural analyst job role


Webster University, IFM Busienss School, Geneva Business School (all in Geneva)


Aug 2013 - present

Teaching bachelor and master's/MBA courses in business maths, statistics, finance and general management


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I have more than 7 years teaching experience in Physics. I am also very sound in Physics Experiment.

Orkuma B.

I am a trained professional educationist and a physics teacher. I have produced outstanding results over the years I have taught. My students have never failed Physics for once. For this reason, I firmly believe I am qualified to teach you Physics.


Physics lessons

Gagandeep S.

I have completed a Ph.D. in Physics and have considerable teaching experience in various settings including teaching undergraduate courses at college and university levels, and online and in-person tutoring.


MSc graduate and experienced teacher offers help in all topics in Physics and Maths

Mark W.

I have an MSc degree in Physics, a BSc in Physics and Chemistry and I am studying for an Open University degree in Maths. I qualified as a teacher in 1986 and have taught Physics, Chemistry and Maths continually since that time in many different schools at all levels, preparing students for further education in college or at university.

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