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HTML and CSS are used to create web pages that you see in your daily life. HTML focuses on the structure of the website page and CSS provides a better look for them. Do you want to become a front-end web developer? Maybe you want to be a web designer? Are you looking for courses that could improve your knowledge? Or simply do you need someone with who to practice and improve your skills? UniProf offers you HTML and CSS courses, professional tutors, and more…

Courses to learn HTML and CSS for web development

Courses of HTML and CSS consists of short lessons about different types of topic. You will practice with your teacher whatever you want to, you will use examples, practice skills, do demonstrations, and others. See what topics you can learn:

  • Understanding HTML (Hypertext Markup Language is written on all web pages which use web browsers. You will understand what it is used for and where can you apply it)
  • Starting with HTML 5 (You will learn the basics of HTML5 syntax, you will use HTML elements and document types)
  • Introducing CSS (You will focus on the basics of Cascading Style Sheets, types of stylesheets, selecting elements, and writing rules. You will learn basic about basics of CSS precedence, overrides, and adding colour to a page)
  • Dividing a Page Into Logical Sections (You will learn to add a structure, headers, footers, navigation, and identify individual sections of a page)
  • Understanding Positioning and Layout (You will learn different parts of the HTML box model, how to work with them, how to use images, padding, floating, and others)

Do you know what will you do after having HTML and CSS courses done?

UniProf wants to prepare you for a future you can have after finishing this course. Here you can see what job opportunities you can have:

  • Quality Assurance Analyst
  • Senior Java Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer Java Developer
  • Java/J2Ee Developer
  • Net Developer
  • Software Engineer

Advantages and benefits of HTML and CSS courses at UniProf

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  • Online courses via the internet- you can stay home and learn from your comfort, or attend classes at an arranged place and practice it face-to-face
  • Group courses- you can have your progress with other people in one class or you can learn individually
  • Our team is ready to prepare you and make your classes customized, according to your needs

Did you choose online courses at UniProf?

If you choose to have online courses, you should be prepared for that! Don't forget to have a computer or other electronic devices, a stable internet connection, a microphone, and a camera to be in better contact with your teacher and communication platform as Zoom, Skype, Teams, FaceTime. Make sure you are prepared and start your classes!

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