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Are you a physiotherapist and need practice or revision? Do you study physiotherapy and want to improve and get better? Would you like to learn new techniques and gain more knowledge? Are you a company which needs to practice it, employees? UniProf wants you to progress and that is why we offer you online classes from wherever you are, face-to-face classes, individual and group classes, and much more!

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Joining UniProf can bring you a lot of advantages for your studies. Don't waste your precious time and have classes online from wherever you are. Or attend classes face-to-face to agreed place with your teacher. Based on your needs and demands, we will select the best suitable teacher for you. That means your classes will be fully customized and the focus will be just on your requirements. Choose the time of classes and how many times you would like to attend them. If you don't want to study individually and want to join a bigger group of people, why not! UniProf offers group courses as well.

Topics which you can learn at physiotherapy courses

UniProf offers you to study and practice all topics you need with a professional teacher, you have the opportunity to explore various subjects and themes so do not hesitate to ask for gaining more knowledge. See the main topics you can learn:

Physical therapy Issues

  • What is dry needling?
  • What are self-myofascial techniques all about?
  • Using ultrasound as a diagnostic tool for sports injuries
  • Is icing a good treatment for sport-related pain or injury?

Main physical therapy topics

  • Physical therapy for cancer patients
  • Physical therapy and mental health
  • Physical therapy for pain
  • Physical therapy in rheumatoid arthritis

Patient assessment topics

  • Diseases of the bones
  • Secondary effects of bodily systems interventions in the pulmonary and cardiovascular systems
  • Walking analysis
  • How to choose appropriate tests
  • Assessments in physical therapy

Sports therapy topics

  • acute care
  • rehabilitation
  • treatment
  • prevention

Pediatric Physical therapy topics

  • Who is pediatric?
  • When can physical therapy help a child?
  • Where is the difference from occupational therapy?

Special topics for physical therapy

  • Children torture and its psychological consequences
  • Physical therapy for mind and body
  • Treating torture survivors
  • Patients with chronic pain

And much more...

Physiotherapy courses for your whole company

Are you looking for improvements in your company? Do you think your employees could learn more, revise, or should practice more? Our platform offers courses for companies as well. That means you can gather your employees, create a big group of people and learn together. UniProf offers classes for individuals and groups as well. If you don't have time to attend courses in person, you can always have classes online from wherever you are.

Find your dream job after studying physiotherapy

Are you wondering where could you work after finishing your physiotherapy degree? Don't worry, we gathered a lot of job opportunities, where could you work:

  • In rehabilitation centers
  • In clinics
  • In spas and wellness centers
  • In medical clinics and/or multi-specialty clinics
  • In nursing homes
  • In associations and sports clubs
  • In public or private prevention services

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Medical student offers tutoring in health sciences-related career or science classes at school.

Paolo V.

Speaks: English, Spanish

I am a 4th year medical student in Milan. I teach biology, chemistry, biochemistry, embryology, physiology, anatomy, or any other subject you need help with for your health sciences-related career or your science classes at school. I study my degree in English and I did high school in Spanish so if you need your classes to be in English or Spanish I can help you with either. I have always given private tutoring to people at my university with excellent results :) I guarantee to give all my effort to achieve your goals! I adapt to your needs and your university's material. Do not hesitate to contact me!


Let's teach and learn.

Hemlata V.

Speaks: English

I'm a Delhi based physiotherapy professional having more than 10 years of experience. Teaching is my passion. My area of interest are rehabilitation, cardiopulmonary system, physiology, Psychology, exercise physiology etc. I can assist in writing research reports, completing thesis and dissertation and assignments.



Sidra A.

Speaks: English

I am an experienced post-graduate doctor with passion for teaching anatomy , physiology, pathology, critical care.i am also interested in teaching biology.I have wide clinical experience in medicine and surgery. I used to teach undergraduate students during my postgraduate training


learning is a road I would be glad to walk you through it

Adel A.

Speaks: English, Arabic

I'm a graduated physiotherapist specialized in orthopedic and sports rehabilitation . I work currently at red crescent hospital located in egypt. I speak arabic and english fluently . I offer biomechanics and anatomy basic tutoring. sports rehabilitation tutoring. orthopedic rehabilitation management.


Final year Physiotherapy Student offering online tutoring

Lauren D.

Speaks: English, Spanish

Hey everyone! I'm Lauren, a final year physiotherapy student who's passionate about tutoring in biology, anatomy, music, and Spanish. With over 5 years of experience teaching music and a strong proficiency in Spanish (I'm currently studying and working in the language), I'm here to help you succeed. If you're interested in tutoring, feel free to reach out! Don't hesitate to contact me. Let's achieve your academic goals together!


Currently pursuing masters of physiotherapy in musculoskeletal physiotherapy

Syndrella S.

Speaks: English

As a master student I personally love to take classes and share my knowledge with others.As I respect my profession I am looking forward to help the young budding Physiotherapy students in their academics and in professional life too. I will be helpfull to achieve your goals and repare you for the future goals.


Professor in physiotherapy offers tutoring in statistics neuroanatomy motor learning and reserach methods

Pierre N.

Speaks: English, French

I am PROF. in physiotherapy in Geneva. After a Bachelor in physical therapy at the School of Health Sciences (HESAV) in Lausanne, I worked as physical therapist in acute hospitals, ambulatory care and cardiovascular rehabilitation. Then, I completed a master degree in Human Movement and Sport Science at the University of Lausanne while working concurrently as assistant of education at the Higher School of Health in Geneva (HEDs). In 2016, I obtained a PhD in Neuroscience l Neuroscience, University of Geneva.


Fun and interactive sessions

Ajjugal S.

Speaks: English


I am physiotherapy graduate from NIMS and post graduate in Neurorehabilitation with 18yrs of experience in the field of physiotherapy. Passionate about tutoring physiotherapy sessions in an easily understandable and creative ways and means to enhance quick learning and long term retention.

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Institute of Art, Design and Technology (IADT)

Design Thinking

Oct 2021 - present

This course has focused on the approach and tools to use to solve a problem. Identify the problem and creating a problem statement Stakeholders Primary research into solutions Design and implement solutions


University College Dublin


Sep 2018 - present

4th year Medical Student


Verified work experience

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Superior college mandi baha ud din

Chemistry lecturer

Sep 2017 - Dec 2021

Lectures demonstration Lesson planing Lab work



Private tutor for students in preparatory classes for the grandes écoles

Nov 2019 - Jul 2021

I have followed different students and tried to help them better understand their courses in mathematics. I prepared them for the different engineering school exams that I had already done in 2019. We went over the lessons, redid some exercises, prepared their graded homework and oral exams.


Physiotherapy courses and classes

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Sidra A.

I have done MBBS and worked as doctor and I have studied orthopaedic and rehabilitation in my medical graduate and I also taught this while doing internship and during my post graduate training as well and i recently did member ship exams of royal college of surgery Ireland and have gone through orthopaedics and physiotherapy in very structured as well as clinical manners


physiotherapy tutoring

Adel A.

I have experience in both teaching and practicing this field . so I can compine both educational and clinical backgrounds to give a comprehensive look at the topic in hand



Pierre N.

I am teaching clinical reasoning in neurology in Geneva for three years (pre-graduate in physiotherapy).

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