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With Microeconomics, you will study the behaviour of decision-making of firms, households, and individuals. However, this topic can be rather difficult, and it is not strange if you explore difficulties with it. At UniProf we are there to offer you a personal tutor or grind, so you can pass your exam or become more familiar with the subject.

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Studying by yourself can be difficult, and some teachers don’t explain a subject in a way you are able to understand. You can procrastinate studying, but you can also do something now! Learn about all the benefits that UniProf will offer you:

  • Flexible hours, plan them yourself
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What do our microeconomics tutors learn you

With microeconomies you will learn about aspects of economics that can deal with performance, structure, behaviour of the entire economy. We listed down some topics you can learn during our microeconomics course.

  • Consumer equilibrium
  • Individual income and savings
  • Elasticity and demand
  • Marginal utility and demand
  • Formulating economic policies
  • And more…

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Often people forget it is possible to follow classes online. But we think this is one of the most convenient ways to learn a new subject, since you are more flexible, and you have the ability to work with a tight time schedule. Even if you have had a busy day, you can continue learning from the comfort of your own home. You only need a stable internet connection, a working computer and a communication possibility as zoom, teams or skype.

Besides our course, study by yourself

Besides learning with one of our professional tutors or grinds, you will have to study by yourself as well. We have some useful tips to learn as effectively as possible:

  • Read out loud
  • Switch between subjects
  • Regularly test yourself
  • Take breaks regularly
  • Take notes by hand

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Aditya D.

I have taught Managerial Economics to post graduate Economics students of MBA, Micro and Macro Economics to BBA/BBE Graduate students and I am certified IBDP Economics faculty.


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Naomi K.

With a specialized background in Microeconomics earned through my Master's degree and two years of dedicated tutoring experience in this field, I offer a wealth of expertise and a track record of success

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