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How do trial lessons work?

1. Receive teacher propositions

Depending on the teacher you are allowed to take a free trial lesson. If the teacher does not allow a free trial lesson, you will have to pay at least one lesson upfront.

2. You are happy with your teacher? Continue your lessons!

Your trial lesson counts as your first lesson, and is substracted from your lesson credit.

3. You want to switch your teacher?

No problem! If you want to switch your teacher after your first lesson, we organize a new lesson with another teacher. Your first lesson is not substracted from your lesson credit.

4. You decide to not take lessons with us?

We are sure you will like our lessons. If however for any reason you decide to not continue after your first lesson, you can apply for a full refund of your lesson credit. You can also apply for a refund as long as we did not assign you a teacher yet.


We are a quality platform and verify all our tutors and teachers. Course scheduling and teacher screening cost us a lot of time. We require to buy at least 1 lesson hour, so we make sure we filter unserious requests and avoid that students do not show up for the trial lesson.

Your teacher will be paid, and you are charged for the lesson. We have a flexible first lesson policy, all we ask is to show up for your lesson.