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Did you always have an interest in history in the past? Had a knack for remembering historical events? Big chance that you choose to study history. However, an important exam is coming up, and you don’t really know where to start with studying. No problem, the teachers at UniProf are ready to help you learn for your exam.

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At UniProf every teacher is hand-picked and selected based on company criteria, such as work experience, professionalism, capability and more. This way, we can ensure you as student, that you will only have classes from qualified teachers. Most teachers on our platform have years of experience in teaching in universities and making exams for students. This makes them the ideal person to help you learn for your exam. They know what is often asked, what often goes wrong and to help you learn in the most efficient way.

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UniProf has several different benefits. Here are named a few:

  • Get quick and easy access to professional and experienced teachers that meet your needs.
  • Follow private classes focused solely on you.
  • Flexible timetable; follow your classes anytime you want, it doesn’t matter if it is in the morning, afternoon, evening or even during the weekends.
  • Online and offline tutoring; follow your classes from the comfort of your own home or at a library nearby.

History tutoring classes via UniProf will help you graduate, and you can become a ...

A historical degree is worth much more than just being a history teacher. History is very broad and can be used in various fields to become:

Museum archivist

Museums specialize in displaying and interpreting historical artefacts. Museum archivists appraise and research artefacts. Archivists often use databases and classification systems to track important objects and records.

Writer or editor

As an author of research papers and historical essays, you have built skills in conducting research, communicating facts and sharing historical information in a fun and engaging way. Jobs in writing and editing could be a perfect combination for using your history knowledge and writing skills.

Business consultant

Business consultants with a speciality in history commonly advise museums or historical sites. In this type of role, you'll serve as an expert on a specific topic, such as archives and preservation, or a certain time period.


Your history degree can help you excel at legal research, gathering and analysing evidence and drafting legal documents. You might also file briefs and appeals or review court transcripts.

Reporter or journalist

A history degree can prepare you for a career as a reporter or journalist. With a degree in history, you'll have a strong understanding of the background of the issues you're covering, which allows you to conduct high-quality investigations.

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