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Our history

UniProf is a European company and was orginally founded in 2012 in cooperation with students of the university of Ghent (Belgium) and Munich (Germany).

It was a general problem to find a trustworthy tutor, since verifying the quality of an individual tutor was very difficult and the cost of specialized agencies very high. Finding a suited teacher was also very time consuming.

Our aim was to create a transparent platform to find quality tutors and courses for the best possible prices. The mission was to provide a platform where teachers are paid well and reduce the commissions that students often pay to local agencies.

As of today, the company has expanded into several European countries, offering lessons for university help, translation services, music lessons and language lessons. We connect students with teachers, without borders.

We offer both courses and private lessons to private and corporate clients.

We thank you for your trust!

The founders,

Michiel De Meulenaere

Thomas Koller

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