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PhD Researcher offers international and European Human rights law tutoring

Havva Y.

Speaks: English, Turkish

In 2020, I have been awarded with the DCU School of Law and Government PhD scholarship under the supervision of Prof Federico Fabbrini. Since I started my PhD at DCU, as a student of Law and Government, I took a keen interest in research related courses such as Research Design and Research Methods. This module helped me to have a better understanding of the different research methods. In addition, I did tutoring on the module of Advanced European Union Law. This experience contributes to my skills in communicating with students and marking their assignments. I believe that it is important to progress for me in the way to becoming a successful academic. In my first year of PhD, I wrote a comprehensive overview as my first chapter in the EU and Turkey migration policies and introduction of EU-Turkey Agreement. Besides, I organized a Migration Law and Policy conference as a member of the Dublin Law and Politics Review on the IPRC research week. At the conference, I presented my research proposal and chaired a panel on The Story of Migration. Recently, in the Jean Monnet Network Bridge Conference on Differentiated Governance in the Post-Crises EU, I presented my research summary and completed work on my first year. These conferences provided me with communicating my research to experts in my research field. I believe staying connected and establishing a sense of community helps me with my research ideas and sustains motivation for the research throughout my candidature. I did my masters on Applied Human Rights at Sheffield Hallam University 2017-2018, and I completed LLB at Istanbul University in 2016.


Lawyer with over 20 years of experience offering tutor lessons on law profession

Dragos R.

Speaks: English

I am a legal professional, from Romania, who has been a lawyer since 2001. I have vast experience in law, having reinvented myself every 5 years, to aproach new fields of law. Started as a family lawyer, switched to corporate lawyer, then unto insolvency lawyer, afterwards international arbitration and legal tech. My career also took me across Europe, as I represented clients and even government in front of international courts, like London, Brussels, Paris or Stockholm. While I was not always succesful, I take pride in the lessons I learned by mistakes. Mistakes which I would definitely think someone else can avoid. Even more so, my career allowed me to build a working philosophy on what it means to be a good legal professional.

Verified education

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University college Dublin

Post Graduate Diploma in Education

Sep 2006 - May 2007

Fully qualified secondary teacher in Maths and Business. Got teaching practice where i developed my Methods as a teacher and learned to meet the different needs and wants of students.



Accounting and finance

Sep 2020 - present

Have learned all the basic skills of accounting and finance, have learned new ways of learning which I believe speed up the teaching process.


Verified work experience

Work experience is verified in a personal interview before a teacher can teach on our platform.


Various Companies in Germany and Ireland


Sep 2014 - Aug 2022

Various Companies in Germany and Ireland




Jan 2020 - present

teaching makers empire, scrach


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Qualified Barrister with a Master's in EU Law offering law grinds and tutoring

Mr Brendan R.

I have obtained my Barrister-at-Law degree from King's Inns. I also have my Bachelor's degree of Law and French from Trinity College Dublin my Master's in EU Law from the College of Europe in Belgium. I received high grades in my degrees and scored highly in both assignments and exams. I consistently research legal topics and have several publications in the field of EU Law.

I have worked in top Irish and international law firms in Ireland and Belgium and I am a practising barrister in Dublin. I am experienced in both written and oral legal advocacy and I am able to offer insight into the practice of law as a solicitor and a barrister.


Teaching and Research Assistantship

Mr Damilola A.

I can teach a wide range of undergraduate common law modules, including Criminal Law, Evidence Law, Human Rights, Commercial/Contract Law, Jurisprudence, and Legal Theory.

At the Master level, I can teach International Criminal Law, International Human Rights Law, especially Refugee Law, Criminology, Penology, Victimology, etc.

I can review Research papers, thesis structure, and critical perspectives.

I can equally provide support on how to effectively use varieties of legal databases.


National Technical University "Kharkiv Polytechnic Institute"

Olha S.

- Compilation of scientific manuals, scientific articles.
- Participation in international conferences, internships.
- Teaching foreign students the discipline: Intellectual Property

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