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The technical drawing is the act and discipline of creating plans that visually communicate and shows how something functions. A lot of professions as engineers, electricians or contractors use it as a guide to construct or repair objects, that is why this course is very important if you are interested in this field. Are you looking for a tutor in CAD technical drawing? Do you think you need to improve and increase your knowledge? UniProf is here to help you improve in this field.

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Where can you use your technical knowledge skills?

There are many types of technical drawings. The main types are Exploded-view 3D drawing, Complete working drawings, and Detail drawings 2D. Here you can find sectors, where are CAD designs necessary:

  • Furniture
  • Design offices
  • Mechanics
  • Building
  • Plant engineering
  • And many others...

See the types of drawing view

What types of drawing you can have in CAD technical drawing?

  • Base view (The first view in drawing, the default orientations are based on the origin in the digital prototype)
  • Projected view (An orthographic or isometric view that is generated from another existing view. It defines the projection of first-angle or third-angle)
  • Auxiliary view (A view projected to a user-selected line. This view inherit the scale settings from the parent view)
  • Section view (A view created by scratching a line. The cutting line might be a single straight segment or multiple)
  • Detail view (It is an enlarged view of a portion of another drawing view)
  • Overlay view
  • Draft view

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