Preparation course, admission tests and tutoring for the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

The Galway Mayo Institute of Technology belongs to the Atlantic Technological University, and they offer a high amount of research excellence and academic opportunities to students. Read here more about what UniProf can offer you during your admission test procedure, during your university degree or as a preparation course.

Offered undergraduate courses at the Galway Mayo Institute of Technology

A large variety of courses are available at this university. We offer tutoring, for a lot of these courses. See here some types of courses and degrees you could take during your time at the Galway Institute of Technology.

  • Engineering
  • Business
  • Design and Creative Arts
  • Science and Computing
  • Health Science, Wellbeing & society
  • Galway International Hotel School
  • And more…

Tutoring for a group or individual during admission tests

It depends on the student if they prefer learning in a group or individually. Due to this reason, we at UniProf decided to offer both options on our platform.

Group course

When you realize that your classmates, friends, or other students require the same help and guidance as you, you could sign up as a group. This could make learning more challenging, fun, and you have the possibility to motivate each other.

Individual course

However, when you decide to take the course individually, there will be more focus on your learning path, your pace, and your needs. This means that you can progress faster, without thinking about other students.  

Do self-studying besides our preparation course

Self-studying is rather important! Even when you have a tutor or grind, you will benefit from these courses the most when you make an effort to study yourself as well. See here some tips and advice to study as well as possible:

  • Set a realistic goal for yourself per day
  • Test yourself occasionally
  • Make notes per day
  • Study different topics per day
  • Self-realization

UniProf is there to help you with tutoring or admission test preparation

We offer courses that fit for every type of student. See here all the advantages of taking a course at UniProf!

  • Professional tutors
  • Online or face-to-face course
  • Group or individual course
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Motivating course
  • Safe payment
  • Free registration

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Galway-Mayo Institute of Technology

Towards a Technical University

  • Students: 7000
  • Founding year: 1972
  • City: Galway
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