Thesis and dissertation help in Dundalk

Do you live in Dundalk and are currently writing your thesis? Are you looking for someone who can proofread your paper to make sure there are language and spelling errors in it? At UniProf, we therefore offer personalized lessons to help you along.

Is getting help with your thesis legal in Dundalk?

Fortunately, getting support is legal in Dundalk. This means that UniProf can guide and assist you in writing your thesis. Both proofreading and correcting spelling and grammar errors.

What do UniProf tutors focus on when writing a thesis in Dundalk?

The tutors focus on your needs and requirements to help you write the thesis. Nevertheless, there are some things that come up as standard:

  • They check for plagiarism
  • Check for irrelevant information
  • They check that everything is clearly written
  • They check for spelling errors, grammatical errors and language mistakes
  • They check that everything is properly referenced
  • And more..

How to start writing a thesis in Dundalk?

Every student approaching the end of his/her studies writes a scientific thesis. This is done on the basis of scientific literature and own research. Nevertheless, it is important to maintain a standard structure:

Scientific topic

Choose an interesting topic on which you can find many interesting scientific articles.

Main question and possible subquestions

Describe the problem and what questions you want to answer after your thesis.

Describe your method

Describe how you will proceed, how you will continue your research.

Discussion and conclusion

Here you describe the conclusion of your results and give any tips on what you would do in a follow-up study and how you could approach things differently.

Tips that tutors at UniProf give while writing a thesis

The tutors that UniProf offers are experienced tutors who give a number of tips:


Take enough breaks, it is important to get enough sleep and relaxation.

Difficult pieces

When you are stuck on some pieces, leave them and try to rewrite it again afterwards.


Tutors take on average 48 hours to respond. Therefore, do not hesitate to contact them with any questions.

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