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Are you planning on studying at a University in Ireland? Did you look at the study requirements and saw that you need a leaving certificate? No problem, UniProf can help you prepare for this.

What is a leaving certificate?

A leaving certificate, often referred to as the leaving cert, is the final exam of the Irish secondary school system and the university admission examination in Ireland. It takes a minimum of two years' preparation, but an optional transition tear means that for those students it takes place three years after the Junior Certificate Examination.

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Help with exam preparation for your leaving certificate

Next to the benefits listen above, UniProf offers not only tutoring classes for your certificate but also exam preparation. Our teachers are examined on professionalism, credibility, work experience and other company standards, meaning that they are qualified and thus the perfect person to help you prepare for your final exam. Your leaving certificate exam might be the most important test you take in secondary school. So, it is only understandable that you feel nervous. Luckily, the teachers at UniProf can help you prepare, so you will go into the exam well-prepared and confident.

Private tutoring for the best results

At UniProf you can either follow your private tutoring classes online or offline. Having a private tutor has several benefits:

  • Focus is only on you and your goals
  • Learn at your own pace
  • No distractions of peers
  • Quick and detailed feedback
  • Help with specific problems you struggle with
  • And more…

What kind of leaving certificates are there and with which ones can UniProf help me?

There are several leaving certificates you can decide to follow and UniProf offers tutoring classes that can help you with all three of them:

Leaving Certificate Applied

A leaving certificate applied is a two-year leaving certificate, available to students who wish to follow a practical or vocationally orientated programme. The certificate has a range of courses that are structured round three elements: Vocational Preparation, Vocational Education and General Education.

The fundamental goal of the leaving certificate applied is to prepare participants for transition from the world of the school to that of adult and working life.

Leaving certificate

Requirements: At least 6 exam subjects of which at least 2 subjects at higher level with a result of A, B or C or at least 6 exam subjects of which at least 2 subjects at higher level with a result of H1-H4 (depending on the grading system)

Each subject is examined at one of three levels, Higher Level (informally called Honours), Ordinary Level (informally Pass), or Foundation Level. Foundation Level may only be taken in two subjects: Irish and Mathematics. All other subjects may be taken at either Ordinary or Higher Level.

Leaving Certificate Vocational Programme

Participants of the leaving certificate vocational programme (LCVP) study a minimum of five subjects (at Higher, Ordinary or Foundation levels), including Irish and two subjects from specified vocational subject groupings. They are also required to take a recognised course in a Modern European language, other than Irish or English. In addition, LCVP students take three Link Modules on enterprise education, preparation for work and work experience. The LCVP aims to encourage students a spirit of enterprise and initiative and to develop their interpersonal, vocational and technological skills.

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Avinashilingam Institute of Home Science and Higher Education for Women,Coimbatore,India.

Bachelor of Education

Jun 2015 - May 2017

I did 1 year of internship during my B.Ed with different board of schools which helped me to enhance my teaching skills and to understand about the learners from different backgrounds, their culture and language. I learnt different methods of teaching during my B.Ed degree using various technologies.


Université des sciences et de technologie d'oran, Algérie

MAGISTER en informatique

Sep 2007 - Jun 2010

C'est un diplôme obtenu en post graduation, après mon diplôme d'ingénieur en informatique, il nous permet d'accéder au poste d'enseignant chercheur à l'université et approfondir nos connaissances tout en accompagnant les étudiants.


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DTN Saida Algérie

Ingénieur en informatique chef de service

Jan 1989 - Dec 2013

Développement d'applications, configuration, installation matériel informatique, encadrements des nouveaux recrutés, formation des user, diriger le service, Migration de données, et en fin bureautique Les Langages COBOLII, WINDEV, DELPHI, CLIPPER SGBD: TURBO IMAGE, SQL SERVER, MYSQL, Oracle


ENSTA Breatgne

University Teacher

Oct 2012 - Dec 2017

Teacher of Java, C++, Algorithm, Python, Database, Data structure, operating systems and object oriented programming, web programming (HTML, javascript, CSS)


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