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What should you know about anatomy courses?

You will learn to understand the features of organ systems. You will learn how does human body functions and explore the systems approach. These anatomy courses will be focused on your knowledge about the structure of the body and definitions of physical properties. With your tutor, you will use anatomical models and materials for a better understanding. Here you can read the elements that you will learn or will have an opportunity to practice: the nervous system, cardiovascular system, red blood cells, body system, urinary system, and more…

See what are the job opportunities, after finishing an anatomy degree?

After improving anatomy knowledge with us you will have the best knowledge to finish your anatomy degree. After that, you will have the opportunity to have a job. Here you can see who can you become:

  • Nurse
  • Medical laboratory technician
  • Medical technologist
  • Physical therapist assistant
  • Personal trainer
  • Massage therapist

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A master's student and experienced teacher offers tutoring in Biology and Biochemistry.

Ahmad A.

Speaks: Arabic, English

Are you searching for an exhilarating journey into the intricate world of cells, unraveling the profound secrets of biomolecules, and navigating the cytoplasm or neural gaps with a passionate and seasoned Biochemist? Look no further! I am Mr. Ahmad Muhammad, offering customized biochemistry lessons tailored specifically for undergraduate students. With a rich tutoring experience spanning three years, I have encountered diverse curricula, students, and situations, equipping me with a unique perspective to guide you through the enthralling complexities of biomolecules. Embark on this captivating voyage with me as we delve into the intricacies of biomolecules, unpacking their mysteries and addressing the challenges they pose. If you are a secondary school student seeking a biology tutor, I am here to provide additional support tailored to your needs. In my teaching philosophy, I understand that passion is the key to effective learning. The enthusiasm for science, the love for biochemistry, and the drive to unveil its secrets and simplify its complexities form the foundation of my teaching approach. I infuse energy into my lessons, employing suspense, real-life examples, and interactive brainstorming sessions to keep the learning experience dynamic. Drawing from my extensive teaching background, I incorporate a plethora of questions, equations, and problems to enhance your understanding. With a Bachelor's degree in Biology education, ongoing master studies, and significant scientific experience in biochemistry, I bring a wealth of knowledge to the table. I go beyond conventional teaching methods by meticulously analyzing the curriculum and presenting it in a refreshingly innovative manner, as if it were crafted by me. Proficient in Microsoft Word and PowerPoint with nine years of experience, as well as Adobe Premiere Pro, I ensure that my lessons are not only insightful but also visually engaging. As an extension of my dedication to the dissemination of scientific knowledge, I host a YouTube channel specializing in scientific tutorials within the realm of biological sciences. If your passion lies in biochemistry, I invite you to reach out and embark on this exciting educational journey with me. Contact me now for a transformative learning experience!


A pharmaceutical master student offers tutoring and thesis writing guide

Miss Shira S.

Speaks: English, Bahasa Malaysia

I am a master student currently waiting for graduation. I am offering a tutoring classes for subjects related to biology, biotechnology, nanomedicine and basic SPSS analysis for research thesis writing. I have experience guiding juniors and new students in my research group. Been involve in nanomedicine research field in about 4 years.

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Bharathiar University

Masters Degree

Jul 2006 - Apr 2008

During My masters degree, I have learnt quantum mechanics, classical mechanics, Electronics, electromagnetic theory, mathematical physics, spectroscopy. I have given seminar on recent trends in Nanotechnology and that really provided me to get good confidence to my teaching.


Memorial University of Newfoundland Canada


Jan 2013 - Dec 2018

During my Ph.D. degree, I have completed various Physics courses and conducted research in the area of condensed matter physics. In my research project, I performed various experiments and analyzed the experimental data that is published in the research papers.  The course and research work have helped me to gain advanced and comprehensive knowledge of physics techniques, concepts and theories. During my degree, I have delivered presentations during weekly lab meetings, and annual conferences. This practice helped me in developing  Excellent communication, interpersonal and teamwork skills. During my degree, I worked as a teaching assistant in the Physics department where I assisted undergraduate students in applying their theoretical knowledge in lab-based exercises. In addition to that, I have participated in various professional development programmes. Classroom Management Lecture Based Instruction Analytical Lesson Design Creative Problem Solving Problem-Based Learning Self-Monitoring Strategies Behaviour Management Relationship Building Instructional Material Development Examination Administration


Verified work experience

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Krishna Engineering College

Assistant Professor

Jun 2022 - Oct 2022

Taught Engineering Mathematics to students



Freelance tutor

Sep 2019 - Mar 2020

Dealing with questions from school level to PG level and helping students with solutions and concepts


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35 euro per hour for 1hr tuition

Bahram K.

Achieved a 1st in Anatomy for both body and head and neck. I've taught previous students in the topic. I would be able to direct your learning, teach tricks to remember content as well as clinical knowledge and provide some notes and essays in answering questions!


I was trained in Basic Life Support, Advance Cardiovascular Life Support and Neonatal Resuscitation Program

Mrs. Gonzaga R.

These Seminars/trainings I been through had lots of body parts discussion that I can render it to my future students. These can teach you basic human anatomy and then where should you asses and do exact CPR both neonates and adult that can give great help of survival.


Anatomy and physiology Discussion

Registered Nurse Ann Pauline A.

Knowledgeable and Familiarity with the course topic, well versed in Basic Anatomy and physiology discussions.

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