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Job opportunities in business informatics

Business informatics is a broad degree. There are many opportunities for you to pursue in. Below, we have stated some examples of jobs that might be interesting for you after you graduate:

  • Business analyst
  • Enterprise architect
  • Information analyst
  • Business consultant
  • Software entrepreneur
  • ICT consultant
  • Software production manager
  • ICT project manager
  • And more..

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Athens University of Economics and Business

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) Canditate in Human Resources Management

Oct 2018 - present

Doctoral Thesis: How HR Outputs concerning volunteers of NGOs affect the social impact of these organizations




Jan 2023 - May 2023

CIRCL coaching can be used in professional development, for me it enhances the instructional strategies, deepen the understanding of student learning, and refine their reflective practices. This coaching approach empowers students to become self-directed learners, skilled facilitators of thinking, and agents of positive change in their classrooms. Ultimately, CIRCL coaching can contribute to the continuous improvement and effectiveness of teaching capabilities.


Verified work experience

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Schools of the sacred heart

Physics and Mathematics teacher

Aug 2012 - Jun 2015

I thought physics and Mathematics at the higher level at a prestigeous private school.




Jul 2016 - May 2019

Acute hospital dietitian experience & working as a GP Practice dietitian


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how to organize IT to get competitive advantage

Iñigo Q.

October 2003 - Sept 2011, Basque Country University (Associate Professor) - Vitoria-Gasteiz Spain
During this time I discovered the true meaning of “when you hear, you forget - when you see, you remember- when you do, you understand – when you teach to others, you understand even deeper”. I was in charge of two subjects, “Information system organization" where I taught how to organize IT to gain competitive advantage in different organizations and "Software quality control and assurance" where I taught how to produce software with predictable features, time and money. I helped students with their final career projects.

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