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Did you know that you can do all sorts of things with Excel, if you know it well? You can use it for your records, but also for creative purposes like making plans. At UniProf, we offer you online tutoring that improves your knowledge and skills. Don't wait any longer and start with your first online VBA and Excel class.

Advantages of taking online classes at UniProf

At UniProf, you can choose to take online classes via Skype and/or Zoom. We list some of the benefits of why taking online tutoring is so convenient:

  • It promotes independence
  • Much more interaction between you and the tutor
  • You can use online documents during the lessons
  • It's better for the environment as you don't have to print out any sheets
  • Better for your work-life balance as you can stay home and do other things at home right after your class

What elements are covered in your online VBA and Excel classes at UniProf?

Here are some examples of what our grinds and tutors teach:

  • Understanding arguments
  • Exiting & calling procedures
  • Understanding objects, properties, methods, and events
  • Understanding collections & hierarchy
  • Using expressions, variables and intrinsic functions
  • Understanding data types and constants
  • Record, run, add and edit macros in the Visual Basic Editor
  • Customizing the editor
  • And much more...

What can you do with your VBA and Excel skills?

VBA and Excel, are skills you can always use at work. If you want to go even more specific, you can apply to become:

  • Excel Specialist
  • Process and Systems Specialist
  • Data Processing Specialist
  • Logistics Clerk
  • Sales support specialist
  • And more...

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Maters qualified teacher offers computing lessons

Chaturika M.

I am a dedicated and experienced teacher with over 15 years of experience teaching IT and computing subjects. I can help you in learning IT and computing subjects with simple explanations.



Yugantar T.

I have ~ 9 years of Professional Experience in Analytics and Consulting. During my MBA, I am willing to share my Advanced Excel knowledge with future Analysts.


VBA/Excel Tutor

Arjun V.

As an experienced Excel user and data analyst, I have a thorough understanding of VBA and its capabilities. I have worked with VBA extensively in my professional career to develop custom macros, automate data entry tasks, and improve overall efficiency in data processing. Additionally, I have experience in creating interactive dashboards and reports using Excel, which allows me to demonstrate the practical applications of VBA. As a result, I am confident in my ability to effectively teach VBA and Excel to individuals of all skill levels, from beginners to advanced users.

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