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Business administration is the work of dealing with an organization's resources, time, and people. This work ensures that businesses and organizations are run effectively, efficiently, and profitably. Business administration may prepare you for a wide range of high-paying careers with average growth prospects. Are you looking for a course? Would you like to improve or practice your skills? Are you a company that needs the progress of its employees? Would you like to have a professional teacher, who will be able to advise you? Then UniProf offers you courses and classes perfect for you.

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Who can you become after Business administration courses?

After your Business Administration degree, you can have big job opportunities. By studying business theories and learning the best business practices you will develop skills set as analysing problems using and planning data, managing groups of people, fostering professional communications, and more... See job positions you can pursue after graduating:

Procurement Officer

In the other words, it is called Purchasing officers. These workers are in charge of acquiring products that are essential for business operations. For this position, the most important skills are organizational and bargaining skills. The procurement officer has to know the supply chain, be focused on the goods that company needs and monitor the effectiveness of products, delivery, and relationship.

Office Administrator

Office administrators specialize in office management. These specialists should be capable of multitasking. Their skills include the use of the database, especially Microsoft software, light reporting, and accounting skills. The person, who chooses this job position should be personable, handle phone calls, handle clients, employees and handle unexpected situations.

Human Resources Manager

Human capital is the most valuable asset in the company. This job position is in charge of workforce administration as payrolls, training, compliance, benefits, scheduling, counseling, and more… In addition, human resources specialists are trained in HR functions and that is why they should handle other human resources work.

Advertising and Marketing Roles

The advertising role is handling the accounts of clients who need promotional work and also overseeing internal marketing efforts. These professionals should have organizational and analytical skills. The market analyst helps the company understand who are their customers. They focus on what product they should be selling, and how can they promote their products successfully.

And more…

Business administration courses for companies

Are you a company that needs improvements for its employees? Are you looking for progress for your whole team? UniProf offers courses for companies as well, so do not hesitate to contact us for more information! We offer courses online as well, which means you can stay in your office and learn from your comfort. In addition, we offer courses for a group of people, which means you can gather your team and learn together.

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Business Teacher

Anum Z.

Speaks: English

Hello Students, I am here to teach you business subjects (Accounting, Finance, Commerce, Economics, Business) and will try to make your learning experience fun and memorable. If you have any queries, then you can ask me as well. You can reach out to me anythime. Thank you


🇺🇸Michelle🏆Take your English to the next level⚜️

Michelle P.

Speaks: English, Spanish

🏆 Why is Teacher Michelle popular on AmazingTalker: ✨ 8+ years experience teaching students online! ✨ IELTS Expert Trainer -> can help you reach your score easily and quick! ✨ 👦🏻Phonics Expert 🧒🏻 (using famous materials) ✨ You can communicate better at work! ✨ Specialized lessons for professionals and students 👨🏻‍💼👩🏻‍💼 ✨ International Business Experience in the US 🇺🇸 ✨ Degree from Cambridge and the British Council 🎓 ✨ I have helped more than 1000+ students achieve their highest IELTS score 🥅 🧨 On AmazingTalker: 🎆 More than 3000 lessons completed 🙀 🎆 Received more than 1200 positive reviews ! 🔝 🔑 Discounts for regular students 🔑 Fun and engaging learning atmosphere! 🔑 No pressure in our classroom! 🔑 All-level students are welcome These are my courses⬇️ (1-1 lessons) 📍 IELTS Speaking (Parts 1, 2 & 3) 🗣️ How to achieve your score ~ Full Structure & 100% Practice 🗣️ How to answer part 2 and take notes like an expert! 🗣️ Answer any type of question easily! 🙂 📍 IELTS Writing (Tasks 1 & 2) ✏️ Follow my steps and write perfect essays! ✏️ Learn Key Questions! ✏️ See model essays & practice ALL questions! ✏️ Correction of your essays based on IELTS examiner standard! 📍 IELTS Reading & Listening💣 📖 100% Practice → Improve your comprehension 📖 Learn tips & tricks to boost your score 📖 Essential skills and types of questions 📍 Conversation ~ Suitable for All Levels 🔊 For all uses (Daily Life/Professionals/Academic/Travel/Interviews) 🔊 Speak about relevant news around the globe 🌎 🔊 YOU Speak and Practice! (1000’s topics & Video lessons) 🎉 🔊 Speak Fluently and Improve Pronunciation & Accent! 📍 Children's FUN English 🥳 (3-6) 🐣 Phonics & Reading 🐧 Learn English as a native language 🐵 Songs, Flashcards, Games to Boost Confidence 🚀 📍 Business people > want to improve? Studying abroad? No problem! 🏛️ Business English 👔English for Professionals 🏛️ Job interview: high paying job 💼 🏛️ Master Small Talk at work 🏛️ College readiness 🎓 📍 Phonics 📣 Specialized program for kids & adults 📣 Speak naturally, learn difficult sounds! 📣 Feedback and correction on pronunciation 📣 Send me a message for questions! :) •◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦•◦• What will YOU get in my lessons❓ 🏅100% Customized lessons designed for YOUR goals and interests! 🏅Custom & professional learning materials! (Full variety) 🏅Support ON and OFF lesson time! 🏅Structured lessons with specific learning objectivesI 🏅Learn HOW to think 💭and express yourself in English properly 🏅Learn North-American culture and popular slang!


Expert Thesis Proofreading and EditingProfessor with Extensive Academic Background

Laura S.

Speaks: English

As a seasoned professor with a PhD in Business Administration, I have extensive experience in advising and mentoring students through the thesis process. I have worked with students from the proposal stage to the final defense, and I have served as a panel member on oral defense committees, giving me a comprehensive understanding of what it takes to produce a solid thesis. In addition to my academic background, I am also a published author, with multiple peer-reviewed articles in reputable journals. My writing skills and attention to detail have allowed me to produce high-quality academic papers, and I bring that same level of expertise to my work with students. My approach to coaching is centered on collaboration and open communication. I believe that every student has their own unique strengths and challenges, and I work with them to address their specific needs. I understand the importance of producing work that is not only excellent but also aligned with the instructor's expectations. I provide feedback that is constructive, actionable, and encouraging, ensuring that students feel confident and empowered as they work towards their academic goals. I am passionate about helping students succeed and take pride in providing personalized coaching that produces results. Let me help you bring your thesis project to the next level and achieve academic success. Contact me today to learn more about my services.


PhD Finance research student offering Management, Finance tutoring.

Anand K.

Speaks: English

I am a first-year PhD Research Scholar at Dublin City University (DCU) Business School. My current research interests include Climate risk, Corporate Governance, Sustainability, Corporate social responsibility (CSR). Having over four years of experience. I worked in various departments like Accounting, Retail, Banking, and Hospitality. I have been recognized as an excellent communicator with a strong work ethic and great attention to detail. I’m flexible and tune myself according to the present needs of research. My self-motivation and hardworking provide the ability to contribute my research both independently and in a team for the well-being of society. I am open to research collaborations.


Mathematics is all about Logic and Fun

Sangeet S.

Speaks: English, Hindi

I have taught Mathematics and Statistics for more than 15 years. I help students visualize mathematical concepts enabling them to learn Mathematics in a fun way. This provides a insightful understanding of concepts that stays life-long and enables students to apply these concepts easily.


A university professor offering computer language and Economics lessons.

Gaurav M.

Speaks: English, Hindi, Punjabi

I'm a university professor with a total experience of more than 10 years. My classes will make computer programming easy to understand for you. Also, at the same time my degree in business administration gave me ample skills to impart excellent classes of Economics.


trainer and friend

Abdulkadir T.

Speaks: English, Turkish

.engineering education,electrical and electronics,pneumatics .plc software,eplan,cofaso and other software everything about the switchboard .electrical electronics .teaching Turkish .communication and personal development, conversation, self-confidence, relationship, making money


Master graduate gives language lessons

Sanaa O.

Speaks: English, Spanish, French

Hi, My name is Sanaa, I’m a 23yo French woman. I currently live in Dublin for work. I can give language lessons/tutoring of French, English and Spanish. I have a master in Management and International Trade, so I can also gives lessons of economics, business administration, and relevant courses :)

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Jul 2010 - Mar 2013

Statistical tools and their application


Holmes College, Australia

Master in Professional Accounting & Business Administration

Jun 2016 - May 2018

Masters in Accounting and Business Administration course has provided theoretical understanding and key skills and its application in a range of finance-related professions. It equips me with essential accounting and finance capabilities, including critical analysis, research and advanced numeracy.


Verified work experience

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Sr. Assistant Professor

Aug 2011 - Sep 2021

Conduct classes on o Statistics for Business, Research Methodology, Economics, Financial Management, And Financial Markets for MBA,MCA and B. Tech at MVGR College of Engineering (A), • Evaluate student performance using various assessment methodologieslike examinations, assignments and projects. Conductclass and university examinations and manage the student club activities. • Guide students in various research activities as well as in making career choices based on individual capabilities and ambition.


Dar e arqam lahore

Chemistry teacher

Jun 2016 - Jun 2017

Lesson planing Student parent meeting Lectures demonstration


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Business Management

Frank R.

I have 35 years of experience running and managing projects, project teams, and business organizations.


Masters of Business Administartion offering Business administration courses.

Erick O.

Being an ongoing student of masters of business administration,i believe i have the required expertise and skills to tech on the same.


Marketing & Finance

Dr Rakesh K.

High mentoring ability and excellent communication skills with capability to present information in a
variety of ways to enable student learning,
• Excellent communication skills with troubleshooting, problem defining & solving capabilities and skills in
solving technical as well as commercial issues.

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